Long Sleeve Sports Training Tops, Sports Bags and Opening Times ...


The St Virgil’s Uniform Shop will close for the School Holidays

On Thursday September 22 at 4.00 pm

The store will Re-open on Monday October 10 at 8.00am.


Term 4 Trading Hours


Monday October  10                         Open 8.00am to 4.00pm

Tuesday October 11                          Open 8.00am to 4.00pm

Thursday October 13                          Open 8.00am to 4.00 pm


The St Virgil’s Uniform Shop will then return to normal opening times

Tuesday & Thursday 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. (Closed Royal Hobart Show Day) 


                                     Please contact Caitlin

                                     Phone:          03 62493610

Email  st.virgils@midford.com.au


Long Sleeve Sport Training Top 


The SVC Long sleeve sport training top is available from the Uniform Shop and can be worn by students as an under-garment for PE and sport days. It provides great warmth during the colder months and complements the current uniform very well. The SVC long sleeve sport training top must always be worn below the House T-shirt and/or the College polo shirt during school time and sporting events. The only time it is permitted to be worn as the outer garment is during specified school sport training sessions. 

College Sports Bag 


The Uniform Shop also has supplies of the College sports bag which should be used to bring sport and PE gear to and from school. Students should not be using local football, basketball or soccer clubs bags for this purpose. The sports bag can also be used for camps and excursions however it must not be used as an alternative to the College School Bag which is a compulsory uniform item. 

Both items can be viewed and purchased online at stvirgils.tas.edu.au/shop-uniform-order/

Details can be found at 16-09-15-st-virgils-online-order-flyer

Please contact Manager Caitlin Butterworth on 03 6249 3610 or Email:  st.virgils@midford.com.au for all uniform matters.

Ms Caitlin Butterworth, Manage