Opportunities Around the School - Reconciliation Awards

As the Grade 10 students busily prepare for their final days at the College, we took time on Wednesday afternoon to acknowledge the significant contribution made by our Grade 10 Aboriginal students to our College’s reconciliation journey.

At midday we gathered in the gardens above the bushland where they have spent much of their learning and time, a place that has been cared for by them and in turn cared for them. After some footy, some chat and a fabulous BBQ lunch prepared and catered by Mark “Bushy” Smith we gathered on our circular mat beside the Aboriginal Flag to formally thank and congratulate them. Ms Sarah Lackey, Education Officer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education at the TCEO joined us to give a deeply personal Acknowledgement of Country and College Captain Daniel Vallerine came and formally thanked them on behalf of the College, presenting them with a gift and card. Afterwards several other students and staff came to say farewell and we had a few more sausages and a bit more footy!

Throughout the last four years these students have been a courageous, proud and generous example for all of us in how to create a better community for everyone. They have led us all in ceremonies, assemblies and community events such as the Launch of our Reconciliation Action Plan, wearing ochre, dancing and speaking from the heart. Many times, they have given the Acknowledgement of Country, sometimes outside in small groups, sometimes in front of huge gatherings and even online in Zoom meetings or via live recordings. These boys have driven social and cultural change in our school and in our wider community, they have shared their culture, knowledge and feelings in classrooms, on camps, with visiting primary schools, parents, staff and in state and national forums and conferences. They have left a lasting legacy through their artwork, words and actions and inspired all of us to keep working toward a future where we can all live in a truly reconciled Australia.