Mrs Bev Pettit  ... Grade 9 Service Learning Programme 

Grade 9: Service Learning Programme

Mr Daniel Lapolla

“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something” Max Lucado

St Virgil’s College has long standing tradition of providing service not only to our school community, but more importantly to the wider community. Our College motto by deeds not words alone embodies what it means to be a St Virgil’s College student. At the heart of this motto is essentially putting the needs others ahead of our own.

Over the course of three weeks Grade 9s were given the opportunity to go out into the community. These options included;

  • Foodbank
  • St Vincent De Paul’s Community Growth Centre
  • Strathglen Aged Care Facility.

A special thank you to all of our providers for giving our students the opportunity to be involved. Each venue essentially provided a different way in which the boys could be of service. The boys were encourage to not seek the venue which most suited their interests but rather to think of how they could be of help to those in our community.

The practical experience provided by these venues has complimented the work done within our Religion classes which emphasises the power and significance of helping those around us. I would like to congratulate the Grade 9 boys for the mature manner in which they conducted themselves out in the community, and a special thank you to those teachers involved in the running of the programme Mr Mitchell, Mrs MacGregor, Mr Ellis and Mrs Coleman.

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