Mrs Fiona Chambers and Mrs Jo Messer

Grade 4 Camp - Mrs Messer

Last week I was fortunate to be able to spend time with the Grade 4s on their annual camp to the East Coast of Tasmania. We were blessed with wonderful weather for the three days. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Rasmussen and Mrs Weston for their organisation of the camp, as well as Mrs Read and Mr Terhell. It can be difficult for staff attend camp as often they have to leave young families at home. We appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into making this camp such a wonderful experience for all the Grade 4 boys.

We certainly covered a few kilometres and experienced some spectacular views. I was proud of the boys who were also challenged on the somewhat rough ferry trip back across the Mercury Passage from Maria Island to Triabunna. The good thing is we all made it back safe and sound! I would also like to thank Michelle and Campbell Hills (Grade 9) for hosting us at Campbell’s grandfather’s property, Rostrevor at Triabunna.

Grade 4 Camp: Henry Mollon  

Last Wednesday, all thirty five grade fours went to camp. It was an hour and forty-five minute drive to Spring Beach Youth Camp. Around three quarters of the way to our camp destination we stopped at a park called ‘Our Park’ in Orford. We had morning tea there, then set off for Spring Beach Youth Camp. The reason we went was to get some outdoor experience. When we got there, I was amazed that it was a two-story building, and how long it was. After we had unpacked our gear, we went outside to do a lot of fun activities like volleyball, archery, a commando course and spotlighting. My favourite activity was spotlighting because we got to go out and explore the bush at night.


The next day we went to Maria Island. We saw a lot of wombats, bandicoots and wallabies. We walked around 25 kilometres. Some of the views were amazing. We had lunch at a convict- built dam, before we walked to an area that had a lot of convict ruins. After that we walked to a beach and waited for our ferry. It was a very bumpy ride compared to the way there. The next morning we left Spring Beach Youth Camp and went for a small two kilometre bush walk. Then it was time to go to Hills’ farm in Triabunna for a play at their beach and lunch. We fed some lambs their bottled milk and went to look around a shearing shed. Then it was time to go back to school. Everyone had a great time at camp.


Mrs Ogle on Leave

Next term, Mrs Karen Ogle is taking a well-earned long service leave break. Karen will be busy though as she the organiser of the Australian Tournament of Minds Competition, to be held here in Hobart. Mrs Ogle will be replaced by Mr Phil Weston for Term 4. We would like to wish both Mrs Ogle and Mr Weston good luck for their respective adventures ahead!


Junior School Fair and Footy Colours Day

This Friday is Footy Colours Day where we encourage all boys to bring in an item of clothing from their favourite code or sporting team. Traditionally called Footy Colours Day as it is in the lead up to the AFL Grand Final. Boys are to come in their sports uniform and bring their items to change into.

We are also asking that this Friday the boys bring in a donated item for the Junior School Fair, which is only a couple of weeks away. We are looking for items for the Chocolate Wheel, coloured hair spray for the extreme makeover stall, gift vouchers or cards.

We also need more volunteers to help for an hour or two on some stalls. If you can please email or call Michelle in the office.


Fair Poster Competition:
All boys were invited to design a poster advertising our school Fair. Congratulations to Jack Byrne (5S) and Mandela Young (5S) who are our overall winners who both receive a Golden Ticket for the Fair. We also have some class winners: Ryan Hodge (6L), Jack Elms McCarthy (6C), Cooper Todd (4R) and Pier Giorgio Rigoli (3D). Each of these boys receive a meal and drink voucher.

Mandela Young's Poster 

Jack Byrne's Poster 


We are seeking donations of flowers such as: proteas, native flowers and foliage that we can use to create similar bouquets as depicted below:  If you have some flowers in your garden which could be made into arrangements for our flower stall at the Fair, and are happy to donate, please send them in on the Thursday before the Fair (October 17).

Class stalls for the FAIR:
Each class is in the process of organising their class stall. Your son will be asked by the class teacher either through diary notes, Google Classroom or See Saw to bring in small prizes for these stalls. Items such as little cars, packets of textas, erasures or pencils; bouncy balls, etc (Just keep in mind we need prizes for girls and boys.) Other prizes may include boxes of fizzy drinks or small packets of chips which we split and give out as a prize.

The class stalls are popular with younger children because they like the activities and everyone can have a go. These stalls this year include Footy Handpass, Whack the Rat, Lucky Ladder, Marshmallow Shooters, Lucky Jars, Lollipop Lotto and Sticks in the Sand. There will be many other exciting things to do and see at the Fair.


Grade 6s Try Rowing Day

A ‘Come and Try Rowing’ experience is being offered to all our Grade 6 students this Friday September 27.  This will take place at the SVC Rowing sheds. All boys will have the opportunity to get out on the water as well as experience an ‘ergo’ (rowing machine). We thank Oliver Wilson Haffenden for providing this experience for the boys. Who knows, we may have a future Olympian, like Scott Brennan in our midst?


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all students, families and staff a relaxing and well-earned holiday break. School will resume on Monday October 14.