Mrs Fiona Chambers and Mrs Jo Messer

On Tuesday of this week the SRC boys provided packaging free morning tea items for all of the Junior School boys. This initiative was to raise awareness about the amount of waste that we produce as a Junior School. It was a huge success and the proof of the success was in the reduced amount of rubbish that was in the bin! Thank you, to the SRC boys and families for your support in sending along delicious home baked goods and for all other families who supported such a great initiative by not putting packaged items in their son’s lunchbox.

Good Luck Isaac!

Congratulations and good luck to one of our Junior School students, Isaac Dixon, who will be representing Tasmania in the National Athletics Championships in Darwin. We look forward to hearing about his performances.

Tournament of Minds

On Saturday September 7, seven boys from grades 3, 4 and 5 competed in the State Tournament of Minds competition at Ogilvie High School. The boys prepared a script and dramatic presentation for the Arts challenge ‘The Wizard of Oz’, which involved the boys putting an Aussie spin on this well-known story. The script written by Charlie Cubit (Grade 5) in conjunction with his other team mates, Riley Drew, Llewellyn Gray, (Grade 5) Clement McKenna, Jack Kearney (Grade 4) Hamish McGuire and Archie Dixon (Grade 3) included native Australian animals who needed to travel to Uluru to ask the Wizard to restore actions unique to these animals. For example, the Kangaroo ‘needed his hop back’, the kookaburra ‘needed his sing back’, the koala needed to learn to climb and the crocodile needed to learn to swim.

It also touched on the important environmental issue of bush fires, as this was how the boy first lost his home, and the threat of the evil farmer who wanted to destroy the boys’ and animals plans. All boys worked well as a team throughout this process to support each other in creating backdrops, learning lines and staging this performance. I congratulate the boys on their commitment and determination throughout this process and the very entertaining end result and I look forward to working on Tournament of Minds with boys in the Junior School next year.

Grade 3 Camp
Some very excited Grade 3 headed off on their two-day camp this morning. They will be staying overnight at ‘Orana’ in Roche’s Beach. We wish them a fun-filled couple of days and look forward to hearing all about it when they return.

Free Dress for the 2019 Fair
Last week we held a free dress day in preparation for the school fair. Thank you to everyone who sent along items that will be packed into wheelbarrows. If you have something that you would like to donate to the school fair, please send it in to the Junior School office.

NAPLAN Results
The Grade 3 and Grade 5 NAPLAN results were sent home on Monday. Hopefully you have seen them by now, if you haven’t, please check your son’s schoolbag.

Representative Football Boys
Congratulations to Tom Prokopiec, Thomas Venables, Lachlan Davey and Patrick Mazimpaka who were chosen to represent the Clarke electorate this year. The boys will be play on Wednesday September 18 at Dominic College between 4.00 – 5:30pm. They will be playing students chosen to represent the Franklin electorate.

Bullying No Way
On Tuesday our Grade 3-6 boys, together with St Mary’s girls attended a performance of ‘Bullying No Way’. Troubie Entertainment is a ‘minimal travelling Theatre Company’ and the two-person play led us through playground issues of what bullying is: physical, verbal and visual. The characters then explored positive strategies that enable children to deal with bullying. The actors enlisted the help of the audience and called on volunteers to help them act out scenes. Mandella Young from Grade 5 delivered some fine acting skills and was able to stand up to the bully. A de-brief/Q&A session at the end of the play showed the boys understood the issues and had a good grasp of strategies to use. Thank you to St Mary’s College for letting us use the Nagle Centre for this performance.