Mrs Fiona Chambers and Mrs Jo Messer

We are looking forward to the return of our Grade 3-6 boys and getting back to face to face teaching. You will have received communication around the return to school and the protocols and processes we have put in place in consultation with the Catholic Education Office around a COVID 19 safety plan. In addition, we have made adjustments to classroom locations, amphitheatre seating and playground times to manage during our current building works.

As a staff we have had many thoughts and discussions around this return, in order to support the Junior School community the best way we can. We realise there will be challenges and these will be different for all boys. We sincerely thank you for your understanding and supporting your boys as we transition back to school.

Mrs Norton’s Grade 3 and 4 music classes have been creative at home and at school researching and making musical instruments.

From Mrs Norton:
In Week 2 the boys learned about the percussion instrument called the Guiro commonly played in Latin American music. The task was to find an object around the house or classroom that could be used as a Guiro (eg. an object with bumps that could be scraped/rubbed to make a percussive sound like a tin can, drink bottle etc). As usual the boys came up with some very creative ideas such as LEGO, dinosaur skeleton, storage container, glass jar). It has also been really lovely to see some music videos of siblings getting together having some fun.


This is a great example of the ability of staff and students to adapt and embrace technology and creativity in their learning. Thank you, Mrs Norton, for sharing these rich learning tasks and the great photos showcasing the Guiro.


Laudato Si: Praise Be to You
Thank you to the SRC for organising our sustainability challenge. We received some excellent examples of the ways the boys are caring for our environment through transport, lunch and food packaging. There was also a great banana muffin recipe demo. Hopefully, you have seen our iMovie on the SVC Facebook and Youtube pages, featuring Jack Byrne, Lachlan Cannon, Oliver Byrne, Sebastian Rye, Riley Drew, Oliver Hall.

Thank you also to William Lowe for sending in a picture of his family’s worm farm.

Xavier Bearman also emailed us with a list of ways he is being sustainable at home:

- turning off lights when I’m not in the room
- switching off powerpoints when they are not being used
- turning the tap off when I brush my teeth
- making sure the recycling goes in the recycling and not in the rubbish
- saving our vegetable scraps and giving them to my Nan and Pop for their chickens to eat
- giving my clothes that are too small to a friend who is smaller than me

Thank you Xavier. These are all thoughtful and practical ways of caring for the environment and will provide positive ideas for other boys to follow.

Great news! Our Junior School boys will have the opportunity to continue their woodwork sessions at the Senior School. Woodwork is part of the Design Technology curriculum and has been an enjoyable learning experience for our boys. Over the next two Mondays, Grade 6L will have two classes to finish off their project and Grade 5&6 D will complete a project over the last weeks of this term. For this term, we will be hiring a large bus to allow for appropriate physical distancing. The younger grades will also have a woodwork rotation sometime during Terms 3 and 4. Thank you to Mr Maxwell for making this happen.

Cross Country
The Virtual House Cross Country has kicked off with many boys and family members registered. We are off and running! We look forward to a healthy competition between all boys, sporting houses and the community! Don’t forget to keep logging your kilometres!