A Special Guest

Today we welcomed Dr Wayne Tinsey, Executive Director of EREA (Edmund Rice Education Australia) to the Junior School Campus. Dr Wayne spoke with our boys and shared a wonderful story about inclusivity from his recent trip to Lima, Peru. The boys were extremely attentive and had some interesting but also tricky questions for Dr Wayne. One of which was, ‘are you the man who says we have to wear long socks?’. Dr Wayne was able to deflect this one to Mr Messer. What was also a lovely moment was when Dr Wayne explained that his time as Executive Director is coming to an end this year but he will replaced by a ‘nice man’. One of our Grade 3 students responded with,’ I think you’re a nice man’!

Tomorrow we are looking forward to celebrating the commissioning of our Junior School Leaders at the  College Commissioning ceremony at the Austins Ferry Campus. The Junior School Captain and Vice-Captain and House Captains will also be commissioned at this gathering.

Next Thursday the Junior School Campus will hold its own event to commission the other leaders of the school who have been elected this week.

We congratulate the following boys who have been elected as Student Representative Councillors and House Leaders.


Grade 3R – Harris Ward

Grade 3/4W – Henry Ellston
Grade 4R – William Anderson
Grade 5S –  Maverick Bradley
Grade 5/6 – Sebastian Rye
Grade 6 – Lachlan Grubb

House Leaders


Captain: Samuel Nolan

Vice-Captain: Aidan Godfrey

Aussie Sports Leaders: Charles Doyle, Harry Costelloe



Captain: William Richmond

Vice-Captain: Riley Drew

Aussie Sports Leaders: Felix Gebka, Jonas Webster



Captain: Max Sylvester

Vice-Captain: Daniel Mapley

Aussie Sports Leaders: Cohen Macy, Alex Lamprey



Captain: Oliver Hall

Vice-Captain: Max Geddes

Aussie Sports Leaders: Angus Parkinson, Mandela Young

Junior School Commissioning
Please note the change of date for our Junior School Commissioning. It will now be held on Thursday February 20 at 10.00 am in St Mary’s Cathedral. The SRC, Mini Vinnies Leaders and Aussie Sport Leaders will be commissioned at this ceremony. All parents and friends are welcome to attend. We will send more specific details closer to the day.

Swimming Programme

Next Monday will be the commencement of our two-week Swimming Programme at Oceana Health and Fitness. A letter was sent out via Parent Paperwork (Edsmart) regarding the requirements for these two weeks. Please familiarise yourself with these requirements so that your son has everything he requires for each day of the programme.

Junior School Parents and Friend’s (P&F) Committee
The P&F are eager to seek more members, particularly those new to school, to join their committee or to volunteer throughout the year with various fundraising events. This is an important part of our school community in terms of the social events in the College and raising funds to further support the education of all boys at our campus. If you are interested in joining the P&F please contact the office with your details.

Sacramental Program
St Mary’s Cathedral Parish Sacramental Program 2020 will begin with an information evening on Tuesday February 25 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in the Cathedral Centre.  The program is strictly for children aged 7 and above.  Parents wishing to enrol their child should contact Jo MacFarlane at macfarlane3jo@gmail.com to register interest.  Any queries can also be directed to the same email address.

February 14                College Commissioning (Junior School Captains and House Captains)

February 17 – 28         Junior School Swimming Programme at Oceana

February 20                Junior School Commissioning (other Junior School leadership positions): 10am

February 20                Junior School Welcome BBQ for ALL families (returning and new families): 6pm

March 4 – 6                 Grade 5 Camp at Port Arthur

March 2                       Junior School Swimming Trials

March 13                     Junior School House Swimming Carnival (Glenorchy Pool)


As you can see the beginning of the school year is busy and exciting. We thank parents for preparing boys so well for the return to school and look forward to a wonderful, collaborative and productive year at the Junior School.