Mr Andrew Pinelli 

Justice and Solidarity

We are committed to justice and peace for all, grounded in a spirituality of action and reflection that calls us to stand in solidarity with those who are marginalised and the Earth itself.

                                    EREA Touchstone


Our political landscape both locally and internationally is certainly being challenged from the outside just as much as from the inside. The results of these challenges will ultimately have some degree of impact on us all now and into the future. As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition we strive to equip our boys for many of these possibilities for their future lives. Being a Catholic school we are actively part of the world wide church which includes all Christians. Our work at St Virgil’s is work of and for the Church which has been described by Pope Francis as a church ‘of and for the poor’:

  • A generous and inclusive Church that shows deep love for the poor and marginalised;
  • A Church that strives to usher in the Reign of God: the promise of fullness of life and true freedom for all in our troubled world;
  • A Church that proclaims inclusion to be at the heart of the Gospel and exclusion in its many forms its greatest betrayal;
  • A Church that knows a school’s capacity to make a difference is not simply dependent on its physical resources but on humble resolve within the community to build the Reign of God and embrace solidarity with the excluded ones.

The Church we serve promotes inclusion, service and compassionate engagement with the world as indispensable to the way Christians worship a loving and expansive God.


Term 4

Parents and guardians are reminded that Monday October 10 is a pupil free day so there is no school for our boys. Term 4 will commence for all boys on Tuesday October 11.


Grade 3 Camp

At the time of penning this piece for The Star, the weather does not look like it is going to be too kind for the first day of Grade 3s Camp which commences Thursday. We hope and pray that the weather will clear so that our boys can enjoy all of the activities that Mr Scanlon and Mrs Ogle have planned for them. Keep an eye out on Twitter and the Social Media wall for some updates over the next couple of days.


Grade 4 Excursion 

Both Grade 4 classes were recently able to venture into the great outdoors to visit TMAG and the Hobart City Town Hall. This visit perfectly coincided with units of study in History and Civics and Citizenship. It was fantastic to meet Alderman Anna Reynolds on the day and to have the opportunity to be shown around by such an experienced member of council. Both Grade 4 classes were shown the time capsule, for which we will be making our predictions of Hobart in 50 years time, as a part of the 150th year celebrations. Grade 4 were given a great insight to the history of the Town Hall; the magnificent architecture and also a glimpse into the running of the council chambers, which was a highlight for all in attendance.

image002 image001 img_7433

It was then off to TMAG where we were able to gain further insight to our colonial past during a self-guided tour of the Bonds Store and other parts of the museum. We looked at colonial history through an Aboriginal perspective and enjoyed seeing all the colonial art and decorative pieces that were on offer. Delving deeper inside the gallery, the boys found great interest in all the old coins and medals that were on display; wrapping up our journey with a look at the Tombstone Wall in St David’s park on our way back to school.

It was great to get out of the confines of the classroom and see the vast historical sites that Hobart City has to offer. It was also very pleasing to receive correspondence from staff at TMAG expressing their delight in how both classes engaged in the artefacts being explored and behaviour displayed whilst in public.

A huge thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to assist both classes on the day. Your efforts were greatly appreciated!

Mr Greenhill & Mr Birthisel


Art Exhibition

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback we have received in regards to the art work that our boys have produced during this year and on display in the Hall. Special congratulations to our boys and especially Ms Stary for putting this all together.

img_6274 img_6258 img_6256 img_6219 img_6203 img_6194 img_6189 img_6183 img_6180


Junior School P & F Association

Junior School Fair

img_7506 img_7463 img_7467 img_7475 img_7495 img_7500

We were certainly very lucky, and blessed, to have such fantastic weather for our Junior School Fair last Sunday. We started the day with a fantastic group of parent helpers who worked tremendously well to get our Fair site so well set up.


Special thanks to all of our helpers and stall organisers for their efforts leading up to and on Fair Day. Your generosity of support and time was greatly appreciated.


Once again this year we were also very lucky to have generous support from our suppliers and surrounding business houses. Thank you also to those parents who enquired with business houses that they have a relationship with and were able to secure a wide variety of prizes for the chocolate wheel and silent auction. We had so many wonderful prizes available for people to bid on or to win.


Thank you to the staff and our boys for the fantastic stalls that they set up and ran on the day. The boys had loads of fun enticing visitors to the Fair to participate in their activities and win a range of prizes.


We were also fortunate to have 7HO FM present on the day doing an outdoor broadcast but also moving through the gathered crowd with stickers and balloons. We are also appreciative of the advertising that 7HO FM gave us leading up to our Fair.


Congratulations to our dedicated group of organisers from the P & F led by President Simone Ashby. Many hours of time and effort were put in leading up to the Fair which produced such a fantastic event on Sunday. We had a fantastic day thanks to the support of so many people to whom we are extremely grateful. Whilst not all of the financials have been finalised as yet, indications so far are that we look as though the P & F will raise over $10, 000 which we are planning to use for upgrading classroom furniture for our boys.


School Fee Chocolate Wheel Spin

Congratulations to Neika and Dean Medwin (Tyler Grade 3) who were the luck winners of $500 off next year’s St Virgil’s College school fees. Thank you to all those families who tried their luck once again in the big spin.


Wonderful Wheelbarrows

This year we had a new set of prizes which were created from four wheelbarrows donated by K & D. Thanks to the generous donations that we were able to obtain, each wheelbarrow was filled with different goodies that were generously donated by families and businesses. Congratulations to:


Family Fun wheelbarrow

Connor Schofield

Fancy Pantry wheelbarrow

Peter Grave

Beer & Wine wheelbarrow

Chris Lukianenko

Garden Shed wheelbarrow

Oliver Rhodes


If you are on Facebook, please join, share and like the SVC Junior School P & F page which is

There are continual updates being posted on the Facebook page so please like these and share them with friends and family.


Cathedral Parking

All families are asked not to park in the St Mary’s Cathedral car park to drop off or pick up their sons. There have been reports of near misses between cars and pedestrians as well as damage being caused to some of the garden beds. Drop off and pick up can be difficult with the amount of traffic that uses the surrounding streets, but the health and safety of our boys must be considered paramount. Thank you for your assistance and understanding in this matter.


Junior School Notices

We fully understand that sometimes your son may not bring home information in a timely fashion. Could I please encourage all parents to check out the “In the School Bag” link on the College website as it will contain any current, relevant notes that you may need.


Calendar Update

Parents and guardians are reminded to subscribe to the College’s online calendar. The great advantage of this is that if there are necessary changes to dates these changes can be made immediately. Please check the calendar at:


Significant, upcoming events are summarised below





Week 9 A


Assembly led by 6 R @ 9am

September 16

Grade 3 Camp

September 15 & 16

STCPSSA Football round 9

September 16



Week 10 B


Grade 4 Camp

September 21 – 23

Assembly led by Gr 5 @ 9am

September 23

Last day of Term 3

September 23



Term 4




Week 11 A


Pupil free day

October 10

First Day of Term 4

October 11