Musical, Work Experience, Athletics and Principal's Tour

The Wizard of Oz

After six months of rehearsals and preparation, the cast finally hit the stage for our musical 'The Wizard of Oz'. Our students and the girls from St Mary's put on a remarkable performance, showing experience far beyond their years. The audience were in a toe tapping mood and it wasn’t surprising that many of them joined in with some of the more popular and memorable numbers. I would like to congratulate all  students for their commitment to this production and also commend them on their fine performances.

These musicals don’t just occur without much toil and effort from the staff and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who were involved in giving our students such a memorable experience.

Work Experience

Next week is the start of Work Experience for Grade 10 students. Each boy will spend a week working at a work experience venue of his choice, gaining experience about what the real world may present to him in his working life. It also provides an opportunity for students to consolidate their thinking about their future and present ideas of what might be possible. I would like to thank all host employers who are taking on our students and providing them with such a a significant educational experience. We look forward to the many visits to check out their progress.

Work Experience Dates

Week 4B                      August 12-16                         Grade 10A&B

Week 7A                     September 2-6                        Grade 10C&D

Week 9A                     September 16-20                    Grade 10E&F



As we go to print, students are currently involved in spirited competition as part of the 2019 House Athletics Carnival.  I look forward to giving you the results next week from a very competitive day of athletic action.


Principal’s Tour

Austins Ferry Campus - Friday August 30, 9am - 10.30am.

2021 Grade 7 Enrolments close on September 13.

Please RSVP to