A Christmas Message from the Principal

Please follow the link https://youtu.be/xvc8uFULp3g  to watch the Principal's 2020 Christmas message.

A Christmas Prayer

“Dear Father, thank you for all we have in our lives. We are especially thankful as we draw to the end of this challenging Covid  year, as we contemplate about Your gifts. All that You have given us and the love you have put in our lives. Father, thank you for your love and guidance.

Father, please be with our families as we head towards Christmas and the new year. Lord, we ask for Your love to be with us in our lives. We’re thankful for all we have, and we pray that we can maintain our focus on what is right and good. We pray for those who experience pain and isolation at Christmas and those who are sick and in need.

Father, please be with us throughout the holiday season and prepare our hearts for what will come in the new year. Live Jesus in our hearts; forever. Amen.”