Upcoming Events

The final term of the academic year is traditionally a very busy time in schools, particularly for our Grade 10 boys who have exams commencing in just five weeks. Amidst this, students will be participating in sporting and musical activities, going on excursions and camps, performing service hours and submitting ongoing assessment pieces. And for many of our boys also juggling community sport commitments, part time employment and family responsibilities!

During busy times it is critical that boys take the time to plan their weeks and to ensure they are eating well and getting enough sleep. The skills learnt in pastoral care times are invaluable at such times as is the practice of taking time to slow the mind down by engaging in mindfulness activities, reflection or prayer.

Please encourage your sons to take the time to be organised this term and to look after their own wellbeing. Pastoral Care and Grade teachers and our Counselling Team are a great resource if boys are feeling overwhelmed at any time.

Key Term 4 Dates and Reminders 

SVC Gala Concert Online - Thursday October 29, 5.30pm

Grade 10 Exams - commence Thursday November 19-Tuesday November 24

Grade 10 Leavers' Mass - Wednesday November 25

Grade 10 Dinner - Wednesday November 25

Thanksgiving Ceremony - Thursday November 26 at Austins Ferry

2021 New Student Orientation Day - Monday November 30, 9.30am-2.15pm.

Please note all dates are available at: https://stvirgils.tas.edu.au/calendar/

2021 New Student Orientation Day

This year students in all Catholic primary and secondary schools will participate in a system-wide 'going up' day. This is particularly significant for new students to the College, particularly those entering Grade 3 and 7 in 2021. New students at other levels will also attend  the day and spend time with staff and students in their year level. Research highlights the benefits of students making an excellent transition to a new learning environment and so this is a very important day for all students. Existing students will be placed in 2021 grade or learning groups and will have the opportunity to meet new teachers. At the senior school this is further facilitated by the 'Headstart' programme, which is now in its fourth year. Interestingly this approach has now been adopted by most schools in Hobart including GYC and St Mary's College.

Specific information will be sent out to parents of new students about the logistics of the transition day.


Last Day for Grade 3-9 Students 

Please note that the last day for Grade 3-9 students this year will be Friday December 11. This brings the College in to line with schools such as St Mary's College but more significantly enables staff to engage in much needed professional learning time to prepare for the many exciting changes that are being implemented in 2021 including Kindergarten, Grade 9 Packages of Learning programme, enhanced VET provision and changes to curriculum, reporting and assessment practices in preparation for the implementation of Kindergarten to Year 11 in 2023. Thank you for your support and understanding as we prepare for these exciting educational initiatives.