Commissioning of College Leaders


As we begin our new school year, each year we take the opportunity to commission our newly elected leaders for the year ahead. Tomorrow at Austins Ferry our whole school comes together so our new student leaders can be presented to the community. As well as the commissioning, EREA will take the opportunity to present our College with our renewal certification for 2020 - 2024 as an authentic expression of a Catholic community in the Edmund Rice tradition. This follows an extensive consultation with staff, students and parents at the end of 2019.

I take the opportunity to wish the following boys well in their roles in 2020:

College Captain                                             Daniel Vallerine

College Vice-Captain                                     Julius Lovell

Junior School Captain                                    Jack Byrne

Junior School Vice-Captain                            Lachlan Cannan

            Doyle House Prefect                                       Harry Cornelius

Doyle Junior School House Captain              Samuel Nolan

Doyle Service Leader                                     Aidan Featherstone

Doyle Spirit Leader                                        Arjun Sharma

Doyle Sport Leader                                        Oliver Lacey

Dwyer House Prefect                                     Caleb Devine

Dwyer Junior School House Captain            William Richmond

Dwyer Service Leader                                    Elliot Cullen

Dwyer Spirit Leader                                       Fletcher Hooker

Dwyer Sport Leader                                       Will Blizzard

Hessian House Prefect                                   Tom McCallum

Hessian Junior School House Captain           Max Sylvester

Hessian Service Leader                                  Connor McKenzie

Hessian Spirit Leader                                     Ben Anning

Hessian Sport Leader                                     Will Sartori

Joyce House Prefect                                        Patrick Kenna

Joyce Junior School House Captain               Oliver Hall

Joyce Service Leader                           Luke Turner

Joyce Spirit Leader                             Cameron Direen

Joyce Sport Leader                             River Smith


Parent Information Evenings

It was wonderful to see the large number of parents attend the information session at the Junior School last night and I look forward to welcoming the new Austins Ferry parents to the school this evening.

I encourage all new Junior School parents who are available next Thursday to attend the Parents & Friends Welcome BBQ being held at the Junior campus, 102 Patrick Street, Hobart at 6.00pm.


Updated Information from the  Federal Department of Health - Novel coronavirus (nCoV) 

Please find below an updated Federal Government Health Department Fact Sheet in relation to the Novel coronavirus (nCoV). The key change from our last communication relates to people who have left, or transited through, mainland China on or after 1 February 2020, must isolate themselves for 14 days after leaving China.

novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-information-for-parents-novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-information-sheet-for-parents_2 (1)

It has been disappointing to read in the media the levels of covert and overt racism directed to some members of the Australian Chinese community by some members of the broader community. Actions such as boycotting businesses, disparaging remarks, inappropriate social media posts and avoidance of Chinese -Australian people is borne of fear and ignorance. It is timely to recall that Jesus spent much time ministering to the sick, most of whom were ostracised by their community due to fear, ignorance and social pressures.

As a community we pray for those affected by the Novel coronavirus and pledge to band together to support people working to support the sick and authorities charged with the responsibility of managing the outbreak.

Father, your only Son took upon himself the sufferings and weakness of the
whole human race; through his passion and cross he taught us how good can
be brought out of suffering. Look upon our brothers and sisters who are ill, whom
we now remember in a special way. In the midst of illness and pain, may they be
united with Christ, who heals both body and soul. We ask this through Christ our
Lord. Amen.


New Beginnings

Every year our Grade 7 students commence their year with the New Beginnings programme; please see information below listing dates, times and requirements.

 Tue 18 &

Wed 19

Thu 20 &

Fri 21

Mon 24 & Tue 25Wed 26 & Thu 27
DoyleMy Service JourneyMy Relational JourneyOutdoor EducationMy Spiritual Journey
DwyerMy Relational JourneyMy Service JourneyMy Spiritual JourneyOutdoor Education
HessianOutdoor EducationMy Spiritual JourneyMy Service JourneyMy Relational Journey
JoyceMy Spiritual JourneyOutdoor EducationMy Relational JourneyMy Service Journey


Outdoor EducationMy Service JourneyMy Relational JourneyMy Spiritual Journey
LocationCollege camp site, CliftonvaleDay 1 – Austins Ferry

Day 2 – Austins Ferry and various locations

Day 1 – Austins Ferry

Day 2 –Waterworks, South Hobart

Day 1 – SVC, St. Bernard’s, St. Mary’s Cathedral

Day 2 – Austins Ferry

UniformAppropriate free dress, please refer information sent homeDay 1 – College Sports Uniform

Day 2 – College Sports Uniform

Both days - College Sports Uniform


Both days -Formal uniform


FoodBYO lunch on Day 1 & healthy snacks.  All other meals providedDay 1 – as per normal school day.

Day 2 – bring packed lunch, healthy snacks and drink.

Day 1 – as per normal school day.

Day 2 –bring packed lunch, healthy snacks and drink.

Day 1 – bring packed lunch, healthy snacks and drink.

Day 2 – as per normal school day.


Student Safety 

With student safety foremost in our thoughts please take the time to read the safety items below in regards student drop off and pick up on both campuses. Your cooperation with these procedures is greatly appreciated.

School Drop off and Pick up Reminders - Junior Campus
A reminder for boys arriving at school, the first duty for teachers begins at 8.15am. Boys are to sit and wait in the amphitheatre to be dismissed to take bags, caps and blazers to their classrooms.

After School Arrangements:
Boys are supervised on Patrick Street for pick up from 3.00pm – 3.15pm. After that time they are taken back into the office area to wait for parents who, from time to time, may be running late. Boys catching a bus are to wait in the amphitheatre at the end of the day until 3.15pm when the duty teacher will escort them to the bus area at the bottom court of St Mary’s College.

Boys meeting sisters or parents at SMC – if meeting or being picked up before 3.15, make their way across themselves. If being met by a secondary school sister or being picked up after 3.15pm they are to wait in the amphitheatre to be taken over by the bus duty teacher. Boys walking to parents’ workplaces, home or to catch other buses are asked to do so in a safe way, following our school expectations of behaviour.


Austins Ferry Campus Traffic Management Plan

The traffic arrangements for all vehicles entering the Austins Ferry campus have been designed to maximise student safety whilst allowing students to use the play space at the front of the College.

The downloadable Traffic Plan Austins Ferry (1) clearly shows the arrangements, details of which are outlined below:

  • From 8am to 9am access to the College campus will be available only through the southern gateway. Exit will be via the western roadway to the Main Oval gate.
  • Vehicles dropping off students will only be able to travel on the western road which runs between the entrance and exit gate.
  • Parents may still drive up to Students Services and the Uniform Shop, however must turn right at the western roadway and exit via the Main Oval gate.
  • Students are to be dropped off on the western road (left side of vehicle) just past the road to the Uniform Shop.
  • Students will be supervised getting off buses and out of cars by staff and directed to safely cross the western road to the basketball court.
  • Please note that in the interest of student safety, no cars are to pass buses on the western road and must wait until all students have crossed to the safety of the basketball court.

In the afternoon these arrangements are reversed to allow buses efficient and safe exit from the College property. Between 3pm and 4pm entrance to the College is via the Main Oval gates, however parents are asked to be mindful of buses leaving via the southern gate.


Thank you for helping us to maximise student safety on both campuses.