Welcome to the 2020 Academic Year!

As we begin our 2020 academic year I take this opportunity to welcome all within our St Virgil’s community, especially new families. As we focus on helping all students reach their full academic potential, social confidence and responsibility, I thank all parents for putting your trust in the staff, ensuring we meet the educational needs of your son.

As you will be aware our strategic theme is 'We Belong' and I pray that all members of our community will feel this strong sense of connection and share in our Catholic traditions, in particular our commitment to service and looking after one another. Jesus spoke at length about the importance of belonging -

There is no other person in the world designed exactly as I have designed you. My own heart knit you together in your mother’s womb. You are created for belonging.  You belong to me. You are designed for a purpose. This purpose gives you meaning, fulfillment and delight, a reason to awaken every morning with a song.  I have ordained this purpose for you. Believe my word: you are created with beauty, design, and intent. There are no exceptions to my grace or to my Truth. Believe, dear child. You belong.


I encourage all boys to get involved in the life of the College and to participate and sign up for some of the curricular and extra-curricular activities on offer at St Virgil’s which help build connections, skills and experiences in, and outside of the classroom.

New Staff 

I welcome the following new staff to our community and wish them well in their professional endeavours:

Heidi Senior                            Deputy Principal

Amelia Clark                           Drama Teacher

Cynthia Vaughan                   Maths/Science Teacher

Linda Jones                             Maths Teacher

Caitlyn Webb                          Outdoor Education Teacher

Emma Reardon                       Grade 3 Teacher

John Middendorf                    Computer Studies Teacher

Adam Mills                             Health & Physical Education Teacher

Karryn McCullagh                  PE/Sports Coordinator

Michael Farrell                        Learning Support Officer

Nick Auksorius                      Learning Support Officer


I also welcome all the new students and their families - 123 at Austins Ferry and 48 at the Junior School.

We look forward to an exciting new year with a myriad of opportunities available to our young men. The challenge is for them to accept what’s on offer and make the most of it. I wish them well for a fantastic year ahead.

Parent Information Evenings

I urge parents to keep informed of upcoming events by referring to our online calendar which is updated as required.

Parents are reminded of the Junior School Information evening happening on Wednesday February 12, and the Austins Ferry New Parent Evening on Thursday February 13 at 7.30pm. I look forward to seeing you at these events. More information about these events have been sent to the relevant people via Parent Paperwork.

College Communications 

A key to our theme of 'We Belong' is communicating with all members of our community in a timely, effective and responsible manner. We are committed to reducing our impact upon the earth and therefore have elected to use non-paper based means of communication. Online and social media communication channels allow students, parents, old scholars, staff and the broader community to engage in conversations and experiences that will enhance student learning and opportunities through deepening relationships to strengthen our community.

The College communicates in a range of ways -

  • The Star’ – a weekly e-newsletter to all members of the community. Emailed each Thursday during term time.
  • Words and Deeds – bi-annual colour magazine – incorporating ‘The Virgilian’ (OVA news).
  • The Virgilian (College annual) – a historical record of the academic year
  • The College Web Site – calendar, news, portals
  • Emails/SMS messages to targeted members of the St Virgil’s community
  • Parent Paperwork (Edsmart) – permission forms and information broadcasts
  • Push Notification system – please download our App from College website.
  • Periodic publications – Tasmanian Catholic, The Ricean (EREA)
  • Social Media – Twitter @svctas  Instagram and Facebook - please like and follow our socials!

Reading our Newsletter! 

The Star is emailed each Thursday to all parents and students. It comes as an email but is part of the College's website, allowing reading to easily click through articles and visit pages of the website.

When opened it appears in a 'list format' (below) allowing readers to click on the sections relevant to them.


Readers can also change the view to a full post, grid view or print friendly view for those who wish to easily print out a copy to read later or put one on the fridge! On the picture below the blue button indicates it is grid view - To change views simply click on an icon to the right - the full post view provides a 'top to bottom' newsletter which some readers prefer.


The sidebar of the newsletter allows readers to quickly click back to an article of interest or to find past editions or all articles from a particular section - for example all posts from the Director of Sport.


The sidebar also allows readers to quickly access the photos of the week, the College's online calendar and all social media posts from the College and aligned organisations - the OVA for example. And at all times you are only ever one click away from returning to the newsletter!

At the bottom of each post you will find a directional arrow to the previous or next article - this makes it easy to read the newsletter in 'magazine' format and to quickly get to the posts of interest to you.