Final Weeks - Farewells and New Beginnings! 

This week we have recognised and celebrated the achievements and contributions that our Grade 10 boys have made to the ongoing story of St Virgil's College. All boys are to be commended upon the mature and good spirited manner in which they have approached exams, the OVA Memorial Mass, the Leavers' Dinner and Thanksgiving Ceremony. It has been gratifying to see the genuine love the boys have for the College and the deep connection that they have to each other. It provides strong endorsement for our strategic statement 'We Belong' which is an authentic expression of our values community, justice and respect.

It also highlights that even in leaving, our young men will remain connected to the College, both through the OVA and through the enduring friendships that they have made. These friendships have been forged through shared experiences in the classrooms, music halls, camps, sports arenas and in lunchtime handball matches and chess games.

In farewelling our Grade 10s I offer the following prayer:

Good and loving God
We thank you for the completion of another academic year. We are grateful for your guidance and love as we share in the lives of our students and their families. 

Please bless and guide our students as they reach this end, and as they chart new beginnings.
May what they have learned by being here with us allow them to truly be "men for
others." May what we have learned from them enable us to be the same.

Please help them to use all that they have learned here to make the world a better place - to
serve others in true solidarity and kinship - to seek ways to help the poor, the marginalised,
and those who are suffering - and to always seek the greater good.

Finally, Father, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to build our community with these
young men while they are here. Though they are leaving our campus, we know
that they will always be with us as part of the St Virgil's family, and we ask that the bonds that
have been created here remain strong despite any distance.

We ask all of this in your name, and in the name of your Son. Amen. 


Grade 7-9 Stepping Up Programme 

From December 9 to 13, current Grade 7-9 students will commence their 2020 academic studies as part of our Stepping Up Programme. It is a great opportunity for students to meet their new teachers and find out about the requirements of the subject. It also provides an opportunity for boys to complete some tasks that will enable them to make a flying start to their studies in 2020.

Boys are reminded that the programme is broken up this year with House Beach Bonanza Day to be held at Seven Mile Beach on Wednesday December 11.

A reminder that the final day of classes for all Grade 3-9 students is Friday December 13.


Junior School Dates 

Whilst there are some changes in programmes and structures at the senior school, our Junior School students are still deeply immersed in studies and busy with a host of activities, celebrations and special events. In commending our Patrick St staff and students on the excellent manner in which they are approaching the end of the year, I draw your attention to the following events:


November 28: Grade 10 Thanksgiving and Graduation: SRC attending

November 29: Grade 3s to Playhouse Theatre

November 29: SMC Disco for Grade 5 and 6 boys: 6pm – 8pm

December 3: Evening Orientation for Grade 6 boys at Austins Ferry (5.00-6.30 pm)

December 5: Orientation Day

Volunteer Appreciation Evening

December 6: Primary Schools Triathlon

December 10: Bethlehem House gift giving

December 11: End of Year Assembly: 12.30 pm (At Austins Ferry)

December 12: Thanksgiving Liturgy and Awards Ceremony (7.00 pm Cathedral)

December 13: Last day for students; picnic day and Guard of Honour for Grade 6 (2.45 pm)



It was wonderful to welcome two new members to our College community this week:

Mr Peter Rasmussen and his wife Kirsten and their two boys, William and Thomas, welcomed the safe arrival of a beautiful daughter and sister, Estelle Patricia.

Mr Richard Wartho and his wife Lucie and daughter Helena welcome a future front rower and Melbourne supporter - Adrian Wartho!