Mrs Jodie Williams

2016 Winter Warmers Concert

There was a real ‘buzz’ in the air. Many excited and nervous gentleman who had been preparing their performance for weeks were ready to go.

Last Thursday evening 70 students and over 200 family and friends braved the chilly weather to come along to our Winter Warmers Concert in the JPC. The boys made everyone proud with many performing in front of an audience for the first time. Performing in public can be quite daunting, however, it gives the performer something to strive for as well as adding confidence and skill. The boys were very well prepared and certainly didn’t buckle to any pressure!

Learning to play an instrument, sing in a choir or act on stage isn’t easy. For both the performer and for those he lives with. It takes motivation, support, encouragement, teamwork, commitment and perseverance. Sometimes rehearsing and practising can be monotonous and methodical. However, these attributes build character in our students and help them succeed in other areas of their lives. Having to perform on stage places the student out of their comfort zone. Seeing a student rise to the challenge and valuing the success at the end of the process, is one of many reasons why I do what I do.

I would particularly like to thank Mitch Ellis, Jennifer White, Matthew Ives, Alex Bannister, Nick Nugent, Craig Russell, groundsmen and admin staff. They put in hours of hard work and inspire the students to perform to their very best. Finally, congratulations to all the students that participated in the concert. They showed what could be achieved with patience and perseverance.