2019 Gala Concert - Thursday October 31

The Gala concert will be held on Thursday October 31 from 5.30pm -7.30pm at the Don Bosco Performing Arts Centre, Guilford Young College, Glenorchy Campus.

Tickets are selling quickly and can only be purchased at https://www.trybooking.com/BFPJV

Students from Grade 3 to Grade 10 will showcase the breadth and depth of St Virgil’s College Performing Arts programme across classical, concert band, contemporary, jazz music and contemporary drama works. The evening is compulsory for all students studying or participating in music or the arts.

For some it will be their first Gala, for others it will be their last. But for all, it will be an occasion to experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with knowing that they have done their very best.

Ensembles involved in the Gala for the 2019 include:

Junior Choir, Grade 5 Band, Grade 6 Band, Grade 8 Concert Band, Senior Concert Band, Senior Choir, Senior Stage Band, Grade 10 Rock Band, Grade 9 & 10 Drama items and a feature segment from the Wizard of Oz and much more!

Please round up family and friends and enjoy a wonderful night of music and the arts.

Thank you for supporting our boys.


Yours sincerely

Jo-Anne Kemp                           Deon Scanlon

Director of Music                       Head of Arts Department