Mrs Renee MacGregor 

“Educational programs must open eyes, touch hearts and move hands in response to poverty.”

Peter Henriot SJ


Our Grade 9 Service Learning programme for 2016 is coming to a conclusion and boys have spent time in Religious Education reflecting upon their experiences both at home and on their Service Learning placement at either the St Vincent de Paul Community Garden, Strathglen Aged Care or Foodbank. Boys have had an opportunity not only to share their experiences with their peers, but also identify what they found challenging and how they faced this challenge.

For many boys going out to do a service activity stepped them out of the comfort zone, into unfamiliar environments and experiences. Many were in situations where for the first time they had to work with and interact with elderly people with dementia, while others had an opportunity to see just how much food in needed to serve a large proportion of Tasmanians struggling to put a meal on the table, or the amount of food needed to feed the children who go to school without breakfast each morning.


No, the Lord has told us what is good.

What he requires of us is this:

To do justice. To show constant love,

And to walk humbly with your God.


Michah 6:8

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Sacramental Preparation

Parents/carers who are parishioners of St John the Baptist Catholic parish Glenorchy, and who believe that their child is ready to prepare to celebrate the sacraments are invited to one of two parent meetings on Wednesday 19 October. These will be held in St. John’s presbytery, 62, Bowden Street, Glenorchy at 2.00pm and repeated at 7.00pm. Preparation for Reconciliation will be offered in Term 4 2016 and preparation for Confirmation and First Eucharist in Terms 2 and 3 2017.

Any queries, please contact parish office ph. 6272 6363, 9.00am –2.30pm.

or  phone Jo on 0419 510 014.