Rituals and Ceremonies

Today we begin preparing for the rituals, ceremonies and traditions of Leavers' Week. Starting this morning with their first exam the Grade 10 students will become all too aware that this week which they have spent many years looking forward to is now suddenly upon them. With that realisation comes a range of emotions and feelings; excitement, pride, apprehension, regret, joy, anticipation, sometimes all being experienced in the same minute! This is a week where the only certainty is how quickly it will fly by, while seeming to take forever to end, and will be a time of important reflection for all of us.

This year has definitely had its challenges but the courage, loyalty, resilience and determination, not to mention a much-needed sense of humour that this year group has demonstrated has reminded us all of the strength we gain from each other, that we belong to a very special community. We are surrounded by people who care for us and for whom we also care. We see the face of Jesus in each of us, we love one another as we are loved, and we value the dignity and worth inherent in ourselves and each other. We share a common life within, amongst and alongside each other, developing our individual strengths by being affirmed and supported by each other. We recognise the challenges faced by others, whose needs and abilities are different from ours and we celebrate their achievements as we would our own.

Belonging to an Inclusive Community enables us to remain hope-filled that a better world is possible. We see ourselves as people with the capacity, agency and opportunity to make the world a fairer, more inclusive and just place for everyone and we acknowledge and embrace our responsibility to do so. As we prepare to farewell this extraordinary group of young Virgilians, we can be confident that they will make their mark upon the world, knowing that they will always belong to a community of good people who live their lives through deeds not words alone.