This weekend the Sisters of Saint Joseph will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the canonisation of Mary MacKillop, Australia’s first Saint, with commemorative prayers, videos and a global vigil in her honour.

St Mary MacKillop was canonised in Rome by Pope Benedict XVI on October 17, 2010 and about 9000 Australians travelled to Rome to celebrate the occasion. Ten years later, we are invited to again celebrate the life of St Mary MacKillop by reflecting on the theme for the anniversary Take Fresh Courage.

Sister Monica Cavanagh, Congregational Leader of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, said, “The 10th anniversary of Saint Mary MacKillop’s canonisation is a chance for us to reflect on Mary’s legacy and the valuable lessons her life experiences have taught us.

“She faced hard times and adversity over the years, from her family’s poverty to the loss of many loved ones throughout her life. She carried on, strengthened by her faith and her determination to serve others. She worked hard, travelled widely, and spoke courageously in love. She was a woman of strong convictions and great energy who treasured friendship and family. Mary always had a place in her heart for those most challenged by life’s circumstances. I am proud that the Sisters of Saint Joseph continue to follow in her footsteps today and people from around the world find inspiration in her example.”

On Friday at 8pm, the Sisters of St Joseph will hold “Courage Hour”, a global online vigil of deep peace, prayer, and reflection. You can host your own celebration or participate online via the Sisters of Saint Joseph website. More information including a commemorative prayer booklet, videos, posters and guided reflections can be found at