All Saints Day and EREA Renewal 

The Catholic Church recognises November as the Month of Holy Souls and during this time we are encouraged to pray for the souls of the departed. Last Friday at St Peter’s in Rome, Pope Francis reflected on the Solemnity of All Saints, and reminded us that holiness is both a gift and an invitation.

“The November 1 and 2 Feasts of All Saints and All Souls remind us of the bond that exists between the Church of the earth, and that of heaven, between us and our loved ones who have passed on to the other life,” he said. “The memory of the Saints leads us to raise our eyes to Heaven, not to forget the realities of the earth, but to face them with more courage and with more hope.”

“The Saints of all times, which we all celebrate together today, are not simply symbols, distant human beings, unreachable,” he said. “On the contrary, they are people who have lived with their feet on the ground, they have experienced the daily toil of existence with its successes and its failures, finding in the Lord the strength to always get up and continue the journey.”

Throughout November a prayer table will be set up in the Chapel at Austins Ferry with a sheet of paper on which members of our community are invited to add the name of a loved one who has passed away in the past year.  The sheet will then be added to our ‘Book of Memories’ folder that is a collection of names from each year. Already we have a significant list of past students who will be recognised at the Old Virgilians Memorial Mass later in the month. There names are listed below and are part of our prayers at this time.

The Chapel is open every day and everyone is welcome to come in at any time.

Departed Old Virgilians and Staff - 2019 

January 19

BRYAN Michael Patrick 20.09.1951 – 28.01.2019 (SVC 1964-68)

COETZEE, Adrian Hubert. 16.3.1935 – 12.01.2019 (SVC 1943-50)

McSHERRY, Stephen William. 3.5.1944 – 9.1.2019. (SVC 1955-61)

YARD Michael (Mike) Sydney 10.02.1945 - 22.01.2019 (SVC 1959-60)

EDEN, Gerard James (Ged). 20.09.76- 8.01.2019. (SVC 1989-94)

McSHANE David Brian 16.09.1933-4.01.2019 (SVC 1975-77)

MIDDLETON, Peter 13.03.63 – 11.01.2019 (SVC 1975-77)

February 19

CRONLY, Br James Patrick, OFM Cap. 17.5.1939 - 18.2.2019 (SVC 1950 - 56).

RALPH Jan Chaperon (1932 -Feb. 2019) (SVC 1944 - 49)

WITEK, Stan. 17.2.1955 - 21.2.2019 (SVC 1967-73).

BYRNE, Frederick Michael. 12.4.1946 – 27.2.2019

March 19

KILEY, Jordan Jackson. 9.5.2001 - 27.3.2019 (SVC 2013 – 2017)

KAY, Damian John 1965-2019 (SVC 1975-81).

May 19

COOK, Athol Paul.31.07.1932 – 1/05/2019 (SVC 1941-49)

TAYLOR, Noel Francis (Squizzy). 17.3.1943  16.5.2019. SVC 1957-58)

June 19

TOOGOOD  Peter. AO, MBE, 11.04.1930-6.06.2019. (SVC 1943-48)

KITCHENER, William (Bill) 29.6.1931 - 21.6.2019 (SVC 1942-48)

SHEA, Terry - 13.06.2019 (SVC 1952-61)

July 19

BUCKNEY, Rodney Thomas (Rod) 29.10.1947 – 11.07.2019 (SVC 1959-64

CRANE, Francis William (Peter) 17.06.1928 – 24.07.2019 (SVC 1936 - 1946)

FITZPATRICK, Matthew Edward 13.11.1984 – 22.7.2019  (SVC 1997-2000).

LUCAS, Paul James 11.08.1948 - 28.07.2019 (SVC 1961-64)

GASON, David (SVC 1957-64)

August 19

GREGG, Robert William 25.07.1932 – 15.08.2019. (SVC 1945-48)

KELLY, John Francis ( 3.10.1939 - 16.8.2019  SVC 1952-57)

PETERS, Ronald Glenn  4.1.1944 - 18.8.2019.. (SVC 1959-60)

SULLIVAN, Adrian John   28.01.1951 - 17.8.2019.  (SVC 1964-69)

WILMSHURST  John Frederick  31.10.1936 - 25.08.2019. (SVC 1945-54)

September 19

REARDON, Daniel Leo 14.7.1943 - 14.9.2019. (SVC 1955-59)

October 19

MURRELL Richard  29.04.66- 16.10.2019  (SVC 1978-83)

November 19 

IMLACH Peter  28.06.1937 -6.11.2019 (SVC 1946-51)


Staff Members 

ALLEN, Cleve 21.12.1936 – 31.12.2018  Member of SVC staff 1982-2003.

SHARPE. Brother Hugh Hilary cfc Died on Friday, July 19,

WALSH Kevin Andrew 23.09.1936 - 19.09.2019 SVC staff member 1973-7

CLOHESY Bill    d. 29.10.2019


EREA Renewal 

Next week we will be visited by representatives of EREA as part of our four year Renewal process. The Renewal provides invaluable insights into how authentic the College is in expressing and living out the four Touchstones of the EREA Charter:

  • Gospel Spirituality
  • Liberating Education
  • Inclusive Community
  • Justice and Solidarity

The Renewal Panel will speak to a range of people from our community including students, parents, past students, staff, Board Members and representatives of Catholic education. The process is a very informative one and will provide the College with considerable affirmation as well as some future challenges as we strive to be a high performing, authentic example of a Catholic school for boys in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice.