The right to play is a universal and inalienable right for all children

and is explicitly stated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 24) and in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Article 31). Play and recreation activities can play a significant role in fulfilling a child’s right to the highest attainable standard of health and to preventive health care.

Touch Kibera Foundation through a series of education programmes, aims to empower the local residents of Kibera and in particular their children and young people. One of Touch Kibera Foundation’s most successful programmes involves free access to soccer and other athletic activities for young people from the different villages within Kibera.

Play is also an incredibly important part of the learning day at the Mary Rice Centre. Running, dancing, jumping and specific games designed to improve co-ordination and strengthen muscles mean that there is never a dull moment at recess and lunchtimes.

To support the children and young people of Kibera we are holding a sports clothing drive throughout the rest of this term. The “kiburi na afya: Boots & Bras Sports Drive” is asking families to donate football boots & sports bras and sports shorts to help make sure the Right to Play is enjoyed by all the children at the Mary Rice Centre and the young athletes of Touch Kibera Foundation. “kiburi na afya translates into Proud and Healthy because having the right clothing and footwear means the young people of Kibera, and particularly the girls, are able to participate fully and safely in sporting opportunities such as soccer and classroom and playtime activities.

Football boots, sports bras and sports pants/shorts, new or second hand (clean and in good repair) are both fine to donate and can be brought into the Front office of both campuses from next week. We will also be having a fundraising BBQ after school at the final rostered matches for Grade 8 soccer on Thursday September 19. Please support our girls and the Touch Kibera Foundation!