Congratulations to the Grade 10 students for the way in which they conducted themselves in the recent exams. Such a settled and conscientious attitude can only support their learning. For some boys exams are a natural fit for the way they like to learn, while for others they are a source of stress or challenge. It is for this reason that we emphasise that exams at this level are simply another form of assessment of the skills and knowledge the student knows. I would recommend parents have a conversation with their son, particularly around what they have learnt about the process of exams, i.e. were they happy with the way they prepared, what they found difficult, what they would do differently next time for example. 


Teachers have been busy preparing the mid-year reports. These reports feature an indication of the level of achievement in each subject as well as the student’s attitudes and applications to learning. In some ways these are the most important elements of the report because it gives an indication of whether the student is giving themselves every opportunity to maximise their learning. These attitudes and applications should form the basis of a conversation between parent and son.

This year we are able to push the reports to each boy's iPads also so this will allow reflection and conversation about results to take place at school and for some goal setting activities to be conducted.

Half Way Day

On Friday next week, July 1, we will celebrate Half Way Day featuring the annual Walkathon. This is a major community event in the College year, and with the support of the Parents and Friends and the efforts of Staff a great festive day is anticipated. There is always a wonderful sense of spirit evident on Half Way Day. The all-important fundraising for the Mary Rice Centre, which is the key component of the Walkathon, challenges boys to look beyond themselves, to move out of their comfort zone and to think of others. It is the day that our school motto is most at the fore – By Deeds not Words.

The boys are very aware of the impact on the lives of the students of the Mary Rice Centre that this fundraising has. They are also aware that simply going to Mum or Dad and asking for money for the Walkathon is missing the point. Their challenge is to move out of their comfort zones and explain the story of the Mary Rice Centre and why we are fundraising.

We would ask for support from parents by encouraging boys to take up the challenge to look beyond themselves. Being selfless and serving others is character forming and defines a St Virgil’s Man. There are many wonderful stories in the history of our school of great men committed to making the world a better place for all.

We ask that all monies raised be returned to the appropriate Pastoral Care Teacher on the day of the Walkathon. Please note that this is a compulsory school day and I will be reminding boys in advance just what they signed up for when they enrolled in our great College.