Brad Canning - Time and Space Programme



As many of you would be aware, our students in Grade 3, 5, 7 and 9 are currently undertaking NAPLAN. This testing provides an opportunity for the College to get benchmark data for our young men in a range of learning areas and relative to all members of their cohort from across the country. It also provides an opportunity to analyse student improvement across the years of NAPLAN Testing using the concept of relative gain.

It is important however to remember that this is a one off test and shows your son's performance on that day only. Therefore it is not the be all and end all but we know it does provide some important data, especially when used with other student learning data to help with the continued improvement of our young men and their education.

If your son happens to be away for any of the tests, there will be an opportunity to catch-up.


Healthy Man Psychology

In Grade 8 Welfare we have been looking at the difference between Boy Psychology and Healthy Man Psychology. Students have been looking at what this means and the traits of each;

Boy Psychology:

  • I seek acknowledgement
  • I want it all for me
  • Power is for my benefit
  • I am the centre of the universe
  • I believe I am immortal
  • I take no responsibility for my actions
  • I want a mother

Healthy Man Psychology:

  • I seek that which I believe in
  • I share with my community
  • Power is for the good of all
  • I am just part of the universe
  • I know I am mortal
  • I take full responsibility for my actions
  • Seeks relationship with the feminine


As a part of this we have looked at our hero’s and role models who portray these Healthy Man Psychology traits. One person in particular we have examined is that of Australian Paralympian Kurt Fearnley. Kurt is a truly inspirational individual who our young men can take a lot from, in particular his outlook on life and the way he treats and appreciates those around him.