Celebrations and Trials

I want to take this week’s newsletter opportunity to recognise the incredible work that our Grade 10 students have done to get to this point in the year.

In any given year there are ups and downs -  this year our cups have runneth over with trials and challenges. The Grade 10s started their year expecting hard work, but also big opportunities to lead, to celebrate and to have great fun. All of this has come true but in a way and in proportions that none of us might have expected. Leadership opportunities for the boys have been subtle and unexpected and the demand for them to be creative, adaptable and resilient has been immense.

Many boys have struggled. Many of them have had moments or longer of anxiety, frustration and sadness. At the same time though, there have been beautiful examples of boys supporting each other and raising each other up. Students have shown strengths and talents previously unseen. They have walked tall with their shoulders back and ridden the waves of uncertainty bravely.

Today the boys arrived for their first exam. They were calm and collected -although I suspect some at times were ducks - serene on the surface but legs paddling madly under the water!  I was very proud to see them, present and correct, ready to embrace the next chapter in the story of 2020.