As we enter Term 4 it is easy for students, teachers and parents alike to experience one of two things -  
or maybe even both: that time is slipping readily through our fingers, or that the year seems to be dragging on and on.

The first scenario where we feel rushed, overwhelmed and like the calendar is whizzing round faster than it should is extremely stressful. I imagine there are many of our Year 10s who are feeling exactly this way - exams coming up, Leavers Tops, end of year events, trying to soak up the last days at the Ferry… For this group I suggest two strategies:

  1. Take a breath and know that you are doing what you can with the time you have and;
  2. Be organised! Know exactly what you need, when you need it and what to do. Allocate time for the important things and give yourself permission to let the less important things lie fallow.

The second scenario is where we feel stuck in the rut, longing for change, wondering whether this year, that seems to have gone on forever, will ever end. I am sure there are some in our community feeling this way with fatigue and stress clinging to our shoulders. For this group I suggest:

  1. Take a breath and know that your endurance is better than you realise and;
  2. Be organised! Know exactly what you need, when you need it and what to do. Allocate time for the important things and give yourself permission  in the other times to take a break and do something you enjoy.


Virgilian House Spirit Carnival

On Wednesday October 21 we will hold a House competition for all Austins Ferry students. With the reduced format of this year’s Athletics Carnival, the Student Leaders felt robbed of their chance to lead the traditional House pride and spirit. As such, we have developed this additional event. There will be a range of activities and opportunities to enjoy some house spirit and friendly competition. Students are asked to wear their Sports Uniform to and from school, however they are permitted to wear house colours and costumes during the day. A BBQ lunch will be provided by the P&F and students are welcome to bring additional food and snacks should they wish. The Canteen will also operate as normal on the day. 


A Message from Metro 

With many of our students coming to and from school via buses, it is timely to reproduce a letter from Metro, highlighting some simple strategies for students to adopt to ensure all passengers are safe and enjoy a pleasant ride.

At Metro we’re passionate about safety, and this October we’re focussing on reducing the number of falls on our buses.

As a key passenger group, students can play an important role in supporting everyone to be safe on board. 

In addition to talking to our drivers and community groups about ways to stay safe, we’re asking passengers to:

  • leave priority seats available for those in need
  • offer seats to priority passengers
  •  move down the bus to leave spaces towards to front clear
  • place bags in luggage racks to maximise seated and standing capacity

    These tips are important because most falls occur when a senior or disabled passenger boards but is not seated or holding on by the time the bus moves away from the stop.

    For many of our customers, safe transport is critical to quality of life, and a stumble or fall on board can seriously affect confidence and independence.

    I’ve attached some materials you are welcome to use, or you can link to our website here:
    If you have any questions, please contact me at or 62334266.