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GYC Transition Information, Work Experience, Grade 9 Try a Trade and Physio Seminar ...

GYC Transitions and Important Dates 

Please remember that enrolment applications are due this Friday, July 1. They can be dropped at the St Virgil's College Student Services and we can forward them to GYC for you. Similarly the preliminary course selections are to be made online by Tuesday July 19, the first day of Term Three. If any boy has lost their log on details to make these selections they can contact me to have them resent.

Enrolment Applications Due

Friday 1 July


Glenorchy Campus

Preliminary Course Selection Due

Friday 19 August


Guilford Young College

Course Counselling

Tue. 15, Wed. 16 & Thur. 17 November

4:00pm – 6:00pm

Glenorchy & Hobart Campuses

Grade 10 Orientation Day

Wednesday 7 December

8:30am – 12:30pm

Glenorchy & Hobart Campuses

Grade 10 Leavers’ Tops

Last week Grade 10 students received a letter outlining the process of ordering 2016 Leavers’ Tops. Families are reminded there is limited opportunity to order the tops which can be ordered at the Uniform Shop on Thursday June 25, Monday July 20, Tuesday July 21 and Thursday July 23. The tight deadline is to ensure that the tops will arrive in time for Term 4.


Short Sleeve Polo                     $45.00

Long Sleeve Rugby Jumper   $65.00


            Order                          Due Friday July 1 2016

Please Note: 

  • No late orders can be accepted
  • Orders can be made at Student Services
  • No Payment is required at this time


            Payment:                    Due on or before Friday September 15 2016.

  • All Payments made through the Uniform Shop


  Grade 9 – Try a Skill Day

On Wednesday, 14 Grade 9 boys attended the Skills Australia, Try a Skill Day. This event is a wonderful way for students to explore possibilities for their education, training and career pathway.   Boys were involved in three elective sessions from a range of experiences including: tradition trades such as plastering, bricklaying and building; horticulture sessions; hospitality based sessions; as well as sessions on engineering and forestry.

Each session included hands-on activities so the boys could experience exactly what each job would entail. Boys also had the chance to be instructed by and talk to instructors who worked in each career field, which was invaluable for many of the boys as they investigate possible career pathways.

try a trade

Grade 10 – Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology Work Experience Seminar

- by Luke Swinton

On June 28, ten Grade 10 students visited Back In Motion Physiotherapy to learn about careers in physiotherapy and exercise physiology. Throughout the afternoon, staff talked to us about what courses and subjects to do during college and university to enable students to get into the physiotherapy course. This gave us an insight into what physiotherapy is really about - it's not just to help sports people, there are many different areas of physiotherapy. To finish off the day we went into two groups and participated in four different workshops, that showed us what physiotherapists use in every day practice.

Overall it was a great day for all boys and provided some great knowledge to help students in the future. The boys were very grateful for the opportunity that Back In Motion gave them. We would like to say thank you to the Back In Motion crew.

Physio 2