Uniform and Hair Expectations and GYC Transitions

I have written previously about the College's expectations regarding uniform and hair which are clearly outlined in the Student Diary. The vast majority of our boys do the right thing and follow these expectations. Unfortunately, there are still several boys who continue to ignore our expectations. Heads of House have identified boys who require their hair to be cut over the school holidays so as to comply with our expectations. I have met with these boys and parents will receive an Edsmart letter today.

The College's expectations, signed by parents and students at the time of enrolment are outlined below:


  • Student hair is to be neat, clean and generally conform to community standards. 
  • There should be no dramatic grading in length, or undercutting. 
  • It is also unacceptable to have their hair cut with a number one blade. 
  • Hair should be no longer than collar length, and should not obstruct vision in any way.
  • Tinting and bleaching are not permitted. 

 Student should consult their Head of House or Mr Canning if they require further advice on this matter. Please note that the final arbiter on the acceptance of styles is the Principal.


Some students have also not been wearing our College uniform appropriately and therefore have been required to wear the formal uniform for a period of time. A reminder that sport uniform is only to be worn when a student has HPE or a Line subject which requires them to wear the sports uniform, or if they have after school sport (which currently is not taking place due to current restrictions). I ask all Parents/Guardians to please support the College in maintaining our standards.


Guilford Young College Transition

A reminder that this week in place of the Pathways Expo there have been Course Webinars taking place which will provide information on courses that students may be considering and provide opportunities for students and parents to ask questions and get feedback in real time. The webinars will cover all courses at least once and more often for Mathematics, English and RE courses. The timetable has been sent out to students. If students miss a webinar, they are availabl through the following link;



The two following links will also assist students in their subject selections for Year 11, and I encourage students and parents to look through these together and discuss future pathways.


Subject Handbook https://tinyurl.com/y9m54vst.


Careers Newsletter https://tinyurl.com/ycs4whkf


Important Dates





22 June to 2 July, 5pm onward

Further information to come.



 23 to 30 July




Wed 12 August 9am-6pm *Govt. restrictions allowing*

Hobart & Glenorchy Campuses

Wed 14 October

9am–12pm and 3-6pm

Hobart & Glenorchy Campuses