Expectations in Class

I have noticed of late a concerning number of behaviour incidents in class with students refusing to do any work or co-operate with reasonable requests from their teacher. Can I please just underline that in any school there are a number of non-negotiables, and of course that means treating others with respect and trying your hardest in all aspects of your school life. I would expect that all our students make every effort to meet the expectations of the College.


Junior House Leadership

Voting for these positions has closed and nominations have been forwarded to Mr Messer for approval. Badges for those successful candidates will be handed out at formal assembly next Friday.



We are fast approaching the middle of the term, so boys should be aware of what assignments they have and when they are due. Boys should take the time to enter these into a calendar, either physical or online, and block out some time in the evenings when you will work on them. This will allow students to avoid the last-minute rush and the risk of submitting sub-standard work.


Work Experience

Our Grade 10 work experience programme starts on August 12 with Grade 10A & 10B.

Boys not attending Work Experience during this period are expected to attend school, they will be provided with an alternative timetable.

The next group will head out in early September. Boys in Core C and D are reminded to see Mr’s Gangell if you have any questions or issues.


GYC Transition

Please remember enrolment at the College and enrolment in your subjects are two separate processes.

Please ensure you make the time to get it done as this will allow GYC to start building their timetable and allocating teachers where necessary. This can be done online. If you need assistance or are unsure please contact the enrolment officer, Mrs Pogorzelski, at BPogorzelski@gyc.tas.edu.au, or GYC Deputy, Mr Derrick at  MDerrick@gyc.tas.edu.au .


If you have misplaced your login and password, please email Mr Webster for assistance.




Grade 9 boys selected for the Creating my Careers day will be exploring their subject and course options at Warrane TAFE on Friday. Boys must wear their formal uniform and bring their lunch.