2021 Leadership

The election process for 2021 Leadership is now complete and we have our 11 new leaders. I would like to thank all students who put their name forward and participated in the process. I would also like to congratulate those students who were successful and wish them all the best as they begin their leadership journey.

Nominations for Peer Support will open on Friday, and I encourage students to put their name forward for this very important role, which plays a big part in welcoming out grade 7’s for 2021.

Below are our 2021 Leaders:

College Captain – Caerwyn James (Pictured Above)

Vice Captains – Riley Griggs

Myles Hall


Prefect – Harris Lamb

Deputy Prefect – Billy Hapke


Prefect – Will Simaan

Deputy Prefect – Joe Mathers


Prefect – Krystian Jankowiak

Deputy Prefect – Charlie Banks


Prefect – Harry Van Kraanan

Deputy Prefect – Riley Ferguson


Grade 10 Leavers

We are now in the home stretch for Grade 10s with exams commencing tody. I would like to remind Grade 10s, that if there are any issues with their uniform, then this needs to be rectified now in preparation for Formal Exams and Leavers week.

Also, a reminder that in just under two weeks the Grade 10s will be celebrating their Leavers Dinner at the College. Can I ask that if you have not yet paid for the evening can you please do so or contact me by phone on 62496555 or by email at bcanning@stvirgils.tas.edu.au