2020 Transition and Grade 10 Exams

2020 Transitions

We are currently are in the process of developing our Core classes next year. This is a very complex process as we endeavour to place boys carefully where they will be able to make the most of their learning time. This class development will be complete in the weeks leading up to HeadStart in early December, where the boys will get to experience their core classes and option subjects for 2020.


Grade 10 Examinations

Grade 10s have received their exam booklets and been taken through the expectations for the exam period. They have been informed that they must take control of the study and learning. I would encourage parents to have conversation with their son and help develop a study calendar for the next few weeks. Boys need to get all their notes for every subject together and make themselves aware of what topics they will be examined on.

From this position they can make solid revision notes and programmes leading up to the final weeks of classes.