Senior School (Gr 7-10)

St Virgils Senior School

What better site could be found for a boys' secondary school than one that has a bushland environment of 30 hectares on a riverside property?

The senior school campus is located at Austins Ferry on an enviable site with expansive grounds and views.

Our boys have the best in learning facilities while also having plenty of space to burn off their energy and participate in active pursuits so important for boys.

This is a College which caters very deliberately for the learning and development needs of boys.

St Virgils Senior School ReceptionThe Austins Ferry site caters for around 750 boys from Grades 7 to 10.

Specialist facilities in Music, Drama, Food Technology, Metalwork, Woodwork, Physical Education, Information Technology and Science provide the environment necessary for boys to experience the stimulating education offered by a committed staff.

A well equipped Library Resource Centre supplies the research needs of students, and those requiring some extra assistance in their core studies.

Such generous grounds allow for ample oval spaces together with areas for Agricultural Studies and studies of the environment. The College is particularly committed to the rehabilitation and enhancement of its natural bush heritage.

Our Senior School Campus Facilities

Both Campuses


StVirgilsSeniorSchoollibraryThe St Virgil's Library is the information hub of the college. The staff firmly believe that the role of the Library is changing rapidly in the new millennium, and are dedicated to keeping pace with evolving trends, and in doing so ensuring that the Library continues to be a relevant and valuable part of the school community, as well as being a friendly and vibrant space for the students to enjoy!

The collection is maintained and added to with the needs of the students in mind – in order to fully resource their curriculum requirements, as well as keeping a well-stocked, carefully chosen fiction section to ensure the students are allowed the benefits of reading for pleasure as well! This is in line with the Literacy programme run by the school.

Opening hours

8:20-3:30 (closed recess)


The Library is located in the Paul Doyle Wing.