Vision, Mission & Values

edmundrice_smallSt Virgil’s College Hobart as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition, is an integral part of the mission of the church and continues to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ - to evangelise, to reconcile and to renew. We contribute to the development of young men through education and promote their formation in Christian virtue and conscience.

We demonstrate the Church’s commitment to the dignity of the individual, particularly by being called to relationship in community, and committing to make a preferential option of the poor. We are an integral part of Edmund Rice Education Australia and its endeavours to promote quality Catholic education based on its Charter through leadership, service and co-responsibility.

We believe in the inestimable worth of every human individual, for each is made in the image of God and is a reflection of God’s goodness. We strive to live in partnerships where each person is empowered and enriched by active participation, cooperation, collaboration and enthusiasm – a community where life may be enjoyed and celebrated with creativity and passion.

Our aspirations and motivations are summarised in the 2010-2014 Strategic Plan, specifically in our vision, mission and values statements.


By deeds, not words alone, we enter into relationship with Jesus through embracing Gospel values and nurturing a Catholic learning community where each person is hope-filled and liberated to build a better world for all.


We develop people of faith who are called to experience continued growth and new life in Christ.  Our welcoming Catholic learning community is inspired by the spirit and example of Blessed Edmund Rice in providing formative learning experiences tailored to the needs of boys.


St Virgil’s College is a spiritual community built on the ministry of Jesus expressed in Christ through the Catholic ethos. By our words and deeds, we honour the living Gospel through the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice as expressed in the Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition.Through the liberating power of education, St Virgil’s College lives the mission of the Catholic Church.

  • Community - We foster a culture of enduring relationships by showing compassion, acting with integrity and building connections with each other, our faith community and our environment.
  • Justice - We are committed to providing learning opportunities which allow students and staff to reach their potential. Through acceptance, forgiveness and an awareness of social justice, we strive to serve others, particularly the marginalised in our local and global communities.
  • Respect - We take pride in our history and tradition by honouring our learning and caring for ourselves, each other and creation.

Through witness to these values the College ensures it provides boys with an authentic Catholic education that is faithful to the spirit and intent of the Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice tradition. The Charter contains four touchstones that describe the culture of an authentic Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition.

Edmund Rice

Edmund Rice

Edmund Ignatius Rice was born in Callan, Ireland, in 1762. 

A man of great faith, Edmund felt called by God. He contributed generously to Catholic Charity schools and gave practical help to the poor by providing food, shelter and clothing but he wanted to do more. 

In 1802 he founded the Congregation of the Christian Brothers, who have become responsible for the care and education of millions of children in their schools and other ministries. The Brothers seek to help in the struggle against poverty and injustice. All followers of Edmund Rice are committed to education to achieve freedom.

The extraordinary life of Edmund was recognised when on October 6 1996, Edmund Ignatius Rice was proclaimed 'Blessed' by Pope John Paul II. 

The history and life of Blessed Edmund is celebrated at the Edmund Rice International Heritage Centre in Waterford, Ireland 

Edmund RiceEdmund Rice Anthem


God has shown his favour, his hand is surely here.

Light shines on this work, a light of grace so clear.

Now so many years have passed, blessed by one man’s days;

The birth of Edmund Ignatius Rice is honoured in our praise.


Men died for God on hist’ry’s every page;

Men lived for God as well in every state and age;

This man who lived for God - Edmund Ignatius Rice,

Showed all the world a living sacrifice.

Men brought faith and love with them to ride across the world.

Here at St. Virgil’s his spirit is passed on.

Thousands strong have heard the word,

taught with love and strength.

The work of Edmund Ignatius Rice is God’s and must endure.


Lead us to a noble life, inspired by your ideal;

Guide us to value not false ideals, but real.

Hold your torch above us, show your shining face.

We hail you, Edmund Ignatius Rice, a man of God and grace.