Canteen & Food - Junior School


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday*


Lunch 12.45 pm -1.15 pm

The canteen accepts lunch orders and over the counter snacks at the completion of the main lunch period.

Order Online

*Due to Grade 5/6 sport in term 2, no lunch orders can be made for Grades 5 and 6 on Fridays. 

Canteen FoodPrice List

Download the JS 2018 Canteen menu

  • Cash or credit card via secure online payment gateway on website only.
  • Correct money with lunch order would be appreciated.
  • No credit available.
  • Canteen will only take lunch orders.
  • No over the counter food sales available.
  • Snacks will be available at lunch time only.
  • Pick up from the Canteen on the day you order:
  • Paper bags to be provided by parents.
  • No lunch orders for Grades 5 & 6 on Fridays in Term 2 due to sport.
  • Canteen Manager: Olga Leon

Canteen Rosters & Volunteers

Run by our volunteer parent group we pride our menu on our healthy options.

If you can volunteer some time to help with the running of on our canteen please contact us. We always need help!

Please contact the office on 6234 2440 if you can help out or click here to get involved


No nuts/healthy eating policy

St Virgil's College has a no nuts and healthy eating policy.

As a number of our boys have serious nut and egg allergies, the College has a nut policy and food with a significant amount of eggs like quiche and egg sandwiches should not be brought to school.