St Virgil Stained Glass WindowWe strive to help students on their personal spiritual journey and to appreciate the significance of Jesus within their lives. Within the Catholic tradition we nurture the whole person in a Gospel inspired community.

Central to the College is a commitment to fostering and emphasising Gospel values and ideals, in the classroom, in relationships with others and in the day to day running of the College.St Virgil's College is proudly a Catholic school for boys int he tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice and prides itself upon providing boys with an holistic Catholic education that is engaging and relevant in a rapidly changing world.

The gift of faith is nurtured in each student through the Religious Education curriculum and in all dimensions of the St Virgil's experience.

Opportunities for prayer and Liturgical celebration give boys a chance to reflect on their faith and to express it in ways meaningful to them.

Edmund RiceEdmund Rice

Edmund Ignatius Rice was born in Callan, Ireland, in 1762.

A man of great faith, Edmund felt called by God. He contributed generously to Catholic Charity schools and gave practical help to the poor by providing food, shelter and clothing but he wanted to do more.

In 1802 he founded the Congregation of the Christian Brothers, who have become responsible for the care and education of millions of children in their schools and other ministries. The Brothers seek to help in the struggle against poverty and injustice. All followers of Edmund Rice are committed to education to achieve freedom.

The extraordinary life of Edmund was recognised when on 6th October 1996, Edmund Ignatius Rice was proclaimed "Blessed" by Pope John Paul II.

ChristianBrothersThe Christian Brothers

The Christian Brothers, a congregation of religious men currently numbering around 1800, work in 26 countries, with headquarters in Rome.

In the early years the work of the Brothers spread rapidly throughout Ireland as they founded schools before moving to England, Gibraltar, Australia and India.

The Brothers established their first school in Australia, Parade College in Melbourne, in 1871.

The Brothers accepted an invitation from the Archbishop of Hobart to open a school in Hobart and in 1911 that school opened as St Virgil’s College.

In recent years the Christian Brothers in Australia have moved away from direct management of schools and have refocused on those at the margins of society. Ministries are in hospitals and prisons, homes for disadvantaged youth, refugee camps and programmes for underprivileged children.

There is still, however, strong support for the Australian schools and a focus on establishing and supporting schools in less developed countries such as in Africa and the Philippines.

There are currently 6 Christian Brothers ministering in Tasmania and two are at St Virgil’s College.

St VirgilSaint Virgil

Saint Virgil was born in Ireland about 700 A.D. He became well known in his early life for his exceptional ability as an astronomer and mathematician.

In 747 A.D. Virgil was appointed to the Abbey of St Peter of Salzburg, Bavaria and in 767 A.D. became Bishop.

He is the patron saint of the City of Salzburg, and the greatest figure in its early church history. He was canonised in 1233 by Pope Gregory IX.

Virgil was one of the first to argue that the world was round, which lead him into conflict with Boniface who regarded his thinking as heretical. Virgil was reported to the Pope who accepted his explanation.

The first boys' college in the farthest antipodes Tasmania, was therefore dedicated to this intrepid and zealous Bishop whose scientific learning was remarkable.