Please note that there has been NO change to Metro services to the Eastern shore.

Details of bus services to the Eastern shore are outlined below:

New Service 1 – 7.35am Glebe Hill to SVC  From from the Metro bus stop on Rokeby Road just on the City side of the Pass Rd traffic lights to Shoreline, Clarence Rd, Tasman Bridge, Brooker Hwy, Burnett St, Elizabeth St, New Town Rd, Risdon Rd picking up at all Metro bus stops enroute then Express via the Brooker Hwy to School and reverse in the afternoon.

New Service  2 – 7.35am Cambridge Primary School to SVC via Cambridge Rd, Mornington Round-a-bout, Tasman Hwy, East Derwent Highway picking up at all Metro bus stops enroute to Bowen Bridge then Express via Goodwood Rd and Brooker Hwy to school and reverse in the afternoon.
These services are conducted by O’Driscolls. Students will be required to buy tickets from the Office for these services. Cost of tickets will increase to $2 from September 7. Please note all existing tickets will be honoured for these services.

Metro Services

Students on the Eastern shore will still have access to the following Metro services:

Route 361: 

Suburbs: Lauderdale, Roches Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Acton Park, Cambridge, Lindisfarne and Geilston Bay to St Virgil’s College

Streets Travelled: Please refer to

Afternoon Departure 362: 3:24 pm

Route No 605S

Suburbs: Tranmere, Howrah, Bellerive, Rosny Park, City, North Hobart, New Town, Moonah, Glenorchy

Streets Travelled: Please refer to