Dear St Virgil's Community

The current COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak has impacted upon all parts of life as we know it and has created some unforeseen consequences, the most highly publicised being the hoarding of basic supermarket products. Whilst the above cartoon attempts to point this out in a humorous way, it is anything but funny for the people who can least afford such products and who are finding them increasingly challenging to purchase.


Therefore through the initiative of our Student Leaders we are committing to try and help the families of our fellow EREA school in Tasmania, St Francis’ Flexible Learning Centre in Chigwell. The Centre has an urgent need for assistance to support the young people in its community. Some of their families are without food and basic household items and urgently need our help.


We appreciate that some families may have limited supplies of these products as well, but if you can help please do so. It is during challenging times such as these that our motto, ‘By Deeds not Words alone’ comes to the fore and we know that many of our young men are looking for practical ways to  help others. This in turn helps our boys make some sense of their own new reality.


Therefore we are collecting the following goods to help families in need:


Basic Household Items: Toilet paper, sanitary items, soap, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, nappies, shampoo and conditioner.


Basic Food Items: Canned Vegetables, canned soup, canned fish/meats, biscuits, flour, pasta, rice, sauces, oil, dried foods, cereals, UHT Milk.


Please support our friends at St Francis’ - even one toilet roll makes a difference!


If you can help please send your donations with your son to the Front Office on either campus.


Thank you for your kindness and support.

Yours sincerely


 Daniel Vallerine               Jack Byrne                         Damian Messer 

 College Captain              Junior School Captain       Principal