The Mary Rice Centre is a school for ‘specially-abled’ children located in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya.

Kibera is the largest slum in Africa and home to well over one million people, most of whom live in desperate poverty. The Mary Rice Centre supports children with physical and intellectual disabilities providing opportunities for social integration, rehabilitative care along with basic teaching of learning skills, prevocational and vocational skills, therapy services and outreach program. These are experiences that are not available to the children living in Kibera and is particularly important as people with disabilities make up more that 10% of the total population of Kenya.


St Virgil’s College’s Support for the Mary Rice Centre

In July five students and three staff members will visit Nairobi for two weeks to work with students and staff from the Mary Rice Centre. Through annual fundraising efforts, highlighted by the College Walkathon, St Virgil’s raises over 30% (approximately $40,000 per annum) of the funds required to keep the Centre functioning. The remainder is provided by the Edmund Rice Foundation. This covers wages, programme costs, equipment and most importantly food, as for some students it is the only time they have access to food and clean water.

The funds stretch a long way but there is never enough to cover the costs to construct new rooms or renovate existing facilities. This is why the Walkathon is so important!

About the Walkathon

The second annual Marcy Rice Centre walkathon is a 16km walk through the streets of Kibera and Langata. In 2018 the walkathon involved 1,721 people walking and talking their way through the community. Dressed in blue T-shirts they were an amazing sight, greatly raising the profile of the Mary Rice Centre in Kibera. For many people it provided an opportunity to talk about the Centre and its children and has helped to break down the stigma associated with disability in Kenya. The Walkathon is aiming to raise ten million Kenyan shillings (approximately $15,000 AUD) to help with important building works. With your help we can make this happen!

  How Can You Help?

The Mary Rice Centre Walkathon is about fundraising and awareness raising. The distinctive blue T-shirts play a major role in helping the Centre achieve these objectives. The Mary Rice Centre is seeking help to raise $7,000 AUD to purchase T-shirts for each member of the expected crowd of 2,000 participants in the 2019 walkathon. Through becoming a sponsor of the event you can bring this to fruition and in the process help the amazing children and staff of the Mary Rice Centre.

You can own your own Mary Rice Centre Walkathon t-shirt for just $50 with all proceeds going to the Mary Rice Centre. T-shirts will be posted on July 28.

To purchase a T-shirt please fill out and return the attached order form - MRC Tshirt Order Form