Vol. 7, Ed.19 14th July 2020 

From the Acting Principal

If we were to sum up in a few words our Mary Rice Day celebrations last Friday it would be “a day of Christian Spirit”. As a school in the Edmund Rice tradition we have as our foundation a commitment to “give to the poor in handfuls”. We make this commitment for a number of reasons, none the least because we want our boys to see a better world that exists beyond themselves.

Our work as a Catholic school and an Edmund Rice school is informed by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) which offers a way of thinking, being and seeing the world. It provides a vision for a just society in which the dignity of all people is recognised, and those who are vulnerable are cared for. In our conversation with the boys about this on Friday we explained that enacting the principles of Preferential Option for the Poor and Dignity of the Human Person as we were, was in fact “doing God’s work”.


This is one of many examples of boys doing God's work, each and every day at St Virgil's .... please read on to find out about other examples by visiting the Read More Link below.  

 In the spirit of Blessed Edmund,

Terry Blizzard 
Acting Principal

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