Vol. 7, Ed.7 11th July 2020 

From the Principal

As part of the Catholic Education Week celebrations, this morning some of our staff and students from both campuses attended Mass in the Cathedral. This year’s theme is ‘Love God with all your Heart’.  Catholic Education Week is a great time to acknowledge the strengths and achievements of Catholic schools, recognise the commitment of our staff, and celebrate achievements of our students.

In this time of Lent we open our hearts a little wider and be more charitable towards others. I thank everyone who has donated money so generously to the Project Compassion Caritas appeal and I encourage all to contribute even a small amount to aid those in poverty, suffering injustice and lack of dignity.

My thanks to the College student leadership group for their initiative and hard work to raise funds for Caritas.

This is just one of many great things that our boys are doing - please read on to find out some more!


In the spirit of Blessed Edmund,

Damian Messer

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