Vol. 7, Ed.6 15th July 2020 

From the Principal

 Travelling to and From School

It is important that all students are reminded that from when they leave home in the morning to when they return home they are to make the quickest possible route to the College. Parents should be fully aware of their son’s whereabouts and have discussed the importance of ensuring that their boy makes the quickest and most effective route to and from school. It has been brought to my attention that a number of students are making detours in town, Glenorchy or Eastlands on their way to and from school. This practice is obviously permitted with parental permission but should be discouraged. 

Boys are also reminded of the high standards we set for uniform and behaviour and should note that they are very visible around town in our distinctive uniform. Whilst the public are generous in their praise of our good behaviour, some are also quick to hold us to account for what they perceive as poor student behaviour. I often say that we are blessed to have over 750 walking billboards each day who actively promote our College through their positive words and deeds. This is the best endorsement for our College and so I would ask all boys to keep this in mind as they travel to and from school each day. The support of parents in maintaining 'our standards' is acknowledged and greatly appreciated. 

A reminder that arrival time at both sites is 8.15am.

To find out lots more about what happens when boys get to school please read on! 


 In the spirit of Blessed Edmund,

Damian Messer

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