Vol. 6, Ed.18 9th July 2020 

From the Acting Principal


What a wonderful community day we had last Friday as we celebrated Mary Rice Day. There is perhaps no greater example of St Virgil’s College as a spiritual community than this day as the Junior and Senior School boys were joined by teachers, support staff and parents to celebrate and advocate for the Mary Rice Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. I would like to acknowledge the amazing work of the organisation of the Walkathon and its associated fundraising, those that prepared and participated in the beautiful and touching Liturgy, the fabulous parents who prepared lunch for the multitudes, and the staff who planned and conducted afternoon activities. It goes without saying also that the boys were excellent. What a great day!

This coming Saturday I have the privilege of departing for Africa to represent our College in visiting and working in the various missions of the Edmund Rice Network. Of particular significance will be the joy of visiting and meeting the amazing community at the Mary Rice Centre, at which I will be able to assure them of our commitment to ongoing support. I will take great pleasure in presenting the children a set of House flags signed by all of the SVC boys with messages of support. We also have some great pictures of Mary Rice day that I will take as well.

I look forward to sharing the stories and images of St Virgil's with our Kenyan friends, something we do each week through The Star. 


 In the spirit of Blessed Edmund,

Terry Blizzard
Acting Principal

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