Vol. 6, Ed.14 8th July 2020 

From the Acting Principal


It was my great pleasure to accompany some fantastic boysfrom the Junior School at the St Mary’s Parish Masses last Saturday and Sunday. The masses for the weekend celebrated the Ascension of the Lord, the time of Jesus' final encounter with his disciples before his ascension or return to God. When we meet someone we usually greet them with some form of “hello”.  When we part, we say “goodbye”.  In the story of the ascension there is an element of “goodbye”, but there is also a surprise element of “I’m still here” when Jesus reassured his first disciples that he would still be with them even after he had disappeared from sight. The Gospel stories were to live on and be proclaimed throughout the world. 

On a much less grand scale this is still the challenge for us as parents and educators in the Catholic faith. The stories of goodness, dignity and right and wrong found in the Gospels don’t change, no matter how difficult our boys sometimes find it.

The stories continue to challenge, focus and inspire our boys each and every day;  ample evidence of which is included in this edition of The Star. 

In the spirit of Blessed Edmund,

Terry Blizzard
Acting Principal

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