Vol. 5, Ed.23 8th July 2020 

From the Principal

From the Principal

Feast of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary – August 15

The Feast of the Assumption is observed as one of the Catholic Church’s Holy Days of Obligation. Mary was recognised as “full of grace”, “blessed among women” and “one with the Lord”. When the course of her earthly life was completed, she was taken up body and soul into the glory of heaven. Mary is believed to be the greatest of all Christian Saints and the Patroness of all humanity.

Catholic Education Week – August 14 to 20

Sunday is the commencement of Catholic Education Week and Pope Francis has declared the theme this year ‘Opening the Door of Mercy’ through which anyone who enters will experience the love of God who consoles, pardons and instils hope. It is a time to reflect and recognise the contribution made by all who enrich Catholic education in Tasmania.

Mass is being held in the Cathedral at 11am next Thursday August 18 for all Catholic schools and some of our Junior School boys will be representing St Virgil’s at this Mass.


In the coming days you will receive your son's NAPLAN results in the mail. These results are derived from the single series of tests held in May. Hence they provide a ‘snapshot’ of performance on the test day. Whilst the data is valid and provides useful insights, it should not be viewed in isolation to the more extensive assessment and reporting processes of the College. Please be assured that all data is used extensively by the College in the development and implementation of programmes that best meet the needs of our boys.

Please find attached an Information Pamphlet from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), with answers to a number of frequently asked questions. 

Should you have any additional questions or concerns regarding NAPLAN data, please contact Mr Terry Blizzard at Austins Ferry or Mr Andrew Pinelli at Patrick Street.


Parent Paperwork

I trust that by now you have received one or more communications form our new ICT system Parent Paperwork. The system will be used extensively to  deliver all information about College excursions, incursions, sporting and music trips and other events that have traditionally been communicated to you via a paper-based, student delivered form .... 

..... plus more on the Junior School Disco, SVC Community Football Luncheon and 2017 Grade 9&10 Subject Selection ....





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