Vol. 8 Ed.26 21st February 2020 

From the Principal

Locks on Lockers at Austins Ferry

In the last week we have had some unwanted visitors on site during the evenings and it has come to my attention that some boys are not locking their locks overnight. I encourage all boys to make sure their locker is locked each night before they go home to ensure their equipment stays safe.


Grade 7 2021 Enrolments Close September 13, 2019

Over the last few weeks we have had our Grade 5 students from Southern Primary Schools visit to do activities and tours of the school. This coincides with our Grade 7 2021 enrolments.

Please note that Expressions of Interest for enrolment are due to us by Friday September 13.

As many of our enrolments come through word of mouth, I ask that you help get the message out to others about this upcoming date.

Principal's Tours

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in touring either campus, Principal’s Tours are being held on the following dates at 9.00am. Please email mnugent@stvirgils.tas.edu.au to book.

Friday August 30                   Austins Ferry

Friday September 13              Austins Ferry

Thursday September 19         Junior School

Friday October 18                   Austins Ferry

Friday November 22              Austins Ferry


Work Experience

The Grade 10C and D classes are going on their work experience next week. I wish them well during this time.

Grade 10 E and F classes will complete their work experience from September 16 to 20.


Please read on to find out about the many activities that make St Virgil's such a busy and vibrant place! 

 In the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice, 

Damian Messer




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