Vol. 7, Ed. 40 15th July 2020 

From the Principal


It is hard to imagine that we are entering our last week of schooling for 2018.The years seem to fly past but it is important that we take the time to stop and reflect on the importance of the Christmas season and how Jesus’ story has forever affected us as a community. Our young men are encouraged to be there for others over this break and take time to reflect on the importance of working with, and for, their families, friends and acquaintances.

Taking the time to do something for another person is a significant challenge but the joy it brings the recipient is hard to measure. A random act of kindness, or friendly smile, can make the difference in another person’s day. The intangible feeling of good will is very hard to measure so the challenge this year is to make that difference in another person’s day.

As this is our last correspondence for 2018, I would like to thank you for your support and wish you a very happy, holy and restful festive season.

 In the spirit of Blessed Edmund,

 Damian Messer 

2019 Booklist Information

For the 2019 academic year all stationery and booklist items can again be ordered through Office Max who will again provide free home delivery for orders placed prior to December 2. 

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