Message 14th July 2020 

Dear Parents and Friends of St Virgil’s,

 We are pleased to share an announcement from His Grace, Archbishop Julian Porteous, in regards to the Greater Hobart Region Catholic Education Review. Following an extended period of research, analysis and discernment into what is in the best interests of students now, and into the future, His Grace has released his strategic intentions for Catholic education in the Greater Hobart region.

 The attached letter from His Grace provides a summary of these strategic intentions, many of which have significant implications for the future educational offering of St Virgil’s College. 




 In interpreting the strategic intentions, it is important to note:

• St Virgil’s College is committed to being a collaborative member of the Tasmanian Catholic educational community;

• The future growth and development of St Virgil’s College will not come at the expense of other partner schools in Catholic education, such as Guilford Young College (GYC); 

• The recommendations presented in the Archbishop’s Announcement are based on research presented to His Grace and the Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission; 

• Our Governors, Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) fully support the strategic intentions outlined in this letter and are committed to working collaboratively with the Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission;

• The College Board of Management have worked closely with EREA to develop Educational, Master and Capital plans as part of the Review process and are fully committed to implementing the strategic intentions contained with the Archbishop’s Announcement, subject to approval of the Business Case and Impact Statement;

• The possibility that St Virgil’s College offer K-4 boys’ education at its Patrick Street site and Year 5 to 12 boys’ education at Austins Ferry is subject to a Business Case and Impact Statement to be developed by the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office (TCEO), EREA and St Virgil’s College;

• As part of this work, St Virgil’s will work collaboratively with GYC to investigate opportunities for cooperative arrangements for the offering of specialist Year 11 and 12 subjects; and

• Subject to the findings of the Business Case and Impact Statement for St Virgil’s and other schools in the Greater Hobart region, His Grace will release a final statement on the proposed structural changes, including a timeline for implementation.

• It is envisaged that none of the changes will be implemented before 2021.

This is a very exciting time for Catholic education in the Greater Hobart region and a unique opportunity to deliver great benefits to students, staff and parents in our Catholic schools. For St Virgil’s College and EREA it is reinforcement of our commitment to providing parents with the choice of accessing K-12 Catholic boys’ education in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice for their sons.

In undertaking the work required to complete the Business Case and Impact Statement, the College confirms its strongly held belief that the benefits reflected in the strategic intentions will be realised from working in partnership with all members of our Catholic education community to ensure that no school communities are disadvantaged by these structural changes.

 Please be assured that as we work through this process we will provide periodic updates via Parent Paperwork, The Star, the College website and social media to ensure our community remains fully informed of our progress in meeting these outcomes.


Yours sincerely


Damian Messer                    Andrew Mazengarb

Principal                               Board Chair