Vol. 7, Ed.39 8th July 2020 

From the Principal

The Derwent Entertainment Centre was full to capacity for our Thanksgiving Ceremony last Thursday night to farewell the Grade 10 class of 2018. In an emotion charged night, the boys were given a fitting farewell and warm heartedly welcomed into the ranks of the Old Virgilians.

I would like to thank the Class of 2018 for the contribution they have made to our College and wish them well for all of their future endeavours. I would like to particularly thank all of the staff and parents who were willing to help on the night to make our evening a success.


Please read on and find out about about other exciting happenings that reflect the mission and essence of our College community ....


 In the spirit of Blessed Edmund,

 Damian Messer 

2019 Booklist Information

For the 2019 academic year all stationery and booklist items can again be ordered through Office Max who will again provide free home delivery for orders placed prior to December 2. 

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