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Parents & Friends Association

Parents are invited to take an active role in the life of the College.

An energetic and effective Parents and Friends Association operates on each campus. As well as raising funds to support the work of the College - they organise social activities for parents and convene forums relevant to the education of boys.

The Parents and Friends Association runs a number of social and fundraising events. Proceeds go directly to providing additional facilities for the boys.

The Association meets in two groups:

  • Austins Ferry (senior school parents) at Austins Ferry,
  • Junior School (junior school parents) at the Junior School. Dates for both groups are on the College calendar.

The group is involved in many activities, such as the School Fairs.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in Parents & Friends activities as a way of supporting the College and, most importantly, having fun!

parents and friendsSenior & Junior School

2019 Executive (2020 AGM will be held on March 25 2020)

  • President Kate Clark
  • Vice President Matt Lamb
  • President Junior School Kerry Lyden
  • Secretary Mark Waddington
  • Secretary Junior School Annette Palmer
  • Treasurer Sally Feldmanis
  • Treasurer Junior School Carissa Briggs
  • Executive Members  Angela Gunn, Michelle Brown, Pip Nielsen, Jill Gluskie,  and Narelle Green
  • Executive Members Junior School  Neika Medwin, Michelle Direen, Adrian Leary
  • P & F CPF Representatives
  • Catering Coordinator
  • Fair Coordinator Michelle Brown,
  • Fair Coordinator Junior School 

Parents & Friends News

2020 Meeting Dates

  • Wednesday February 26
  • Wednesday March 25 – AGM
  • Wednesday May 27
  • Wednesday June 24
  • Wednesday August 26
  • Wednesday October 28
  • Thursday December 2 – P&F Dinner

2020 Events

  • P&F Trivia Night – Friday April 3
  • Gala Auction – Saturday August 8 – New Town Bay Rowing Club
  • JS Fair – Friday October 23
  • Senior School Fair – Monday November 16


St Virgil’s could not be the great school it is without all the volunteer support and assistance we receive from our parents, grandparents and community.

We have a range of areas we can greatly use your help with including:

  • Canteen
  • School work projects
  • School Fairs

If you have a special skill you think would be of use please don’t hesitate to contact us.